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  1. If you want to customise what parts of the suite you are installing edit conf.txt in the redist\config folder which can be very handy when you only want parts of the program installed
  2. There is also a way of doing this by using the command control userpasswords2 from the run command from the start menu for those who dont like messing with the registry
  3. If you go into parental controls you can set limits on ie and this also logs all internet access through the account
  4. Theres an option within the network sharing centre to disable password protection on a share from your vista machine
  5. I had the W810 before i moved to a SPVM700 and the W610i aswell and the Sony Erricson Range is alot better i dont know why i swiched from them
  6. i know using windows mobile 5 i had to create the sound i wanted as an alert as a WAV or WMA file and place it in the windows directory of the device maybe this could be the same for pocket pc 03
  7. i wouldnt see why this would not be possible i will check when i am back home to see if i can connect my spv m700 through my wifi
  8. No problems installing them on Vista Ultimate 32
  9. All you need to do is to put your xml file onto a memory stick which saves the time burning a new dvd and can be easily edited from its curent location
  10. i tried a few but no luck the way that i intergrated the gforce installer was just intergrating the driver using nLite
  11. Nice work can you upload somewhere so we can download it
  12. wouldnt mind having a look when the beta is available
  13. This should make xp setup run like win 2k setup does as this pic shows Delete the files: winntbbu.dll winntbbu.dl_ One or both of the files should be present. Just delete whichever ones are there. Now, open up txtsetup.sif. Find all instances of winntbbu.dll, and delete the ENTIRE line that it's on. Do the same for the file dosnet.inf, and delete all instances winntbbu.dll you find in there as well.
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