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  1. How to integrate a language pack in vista dvd ?

    Is there any way to integrate MUI to all Vista versions on DVD (I need one slovak dvd with vista x64 sp1 ultimate + home premium, or all versions) thanks
  2. Thanks men, I knew vLite but I didn't know, that it can do that, it works, really thanks.
  3. How to totally remove unused editions from vista dvd? I want to edit the setup dvd to don't show any versions of vista except ultimate, when user doesn't enter product key. Is it possible? Thanks
  4. Windows Installer on every startup of Sidebar

    I tried uninstalling all gadgets and sidebar still popups that windows, so is there any way to find out, where is that thing, which causes it? Because I have only two added gadgets, one is Nero copy gadget which comes with nero 8, and slovak caledar, but uninstalling them solves nothing. I tried to search for locations.msi in registry, but nothing found. Where Windows Installer store data about that repair mode?
  5. Hello, I have problem. One day when I started sidbar, it prompted me for locations.msi file, I restarted it, problem persists. So I downloaded Microsoft Windows Installer Cleanup tool and cleared that locations.msi. But now, on every startup of sidebar, Windows Installer windows shows up and closes automatically 2 times, no prompts or messages, only shows and closes, but it significantly slows down startup of Sidebar. Anybody help me, please? Thanks P.S.: Sorry for my bad English...
  6. Windows XP hangs when running on battery [SOLVED]

    Thanks for reply, but finally I solved that problem. One hotfix for AMD processors from Microsoft and AMD cool 'n quiet driver helps me.
  7. Hello, I have a big problem, my ASUS F5M notebook hangs when it is running on battery. Most of hangs are when the battery is under 50%. But it does not occur when it runs in Safe mode or in bios, dos etc. I found one guy, who had the same problem, and he reinstalled windows and it was OK, but I reinstalled Windows, it looks fine, but after I install bunch of updates from windows updates, the problem was back. So it could be because of updates, but it is not sure. Can you help me, please? Thanks
  8. Hello, I have one problem. I know how to integrate language pack to Vista installation DVD, but I need first to make it. Ia have one dvd of vista ENG 32 SP1 bit and one dvd of vista Slovak 32-bit withut SP. I didn't found Slovak language package, but I need to transfer the slovak language to english dvd. I have an idea - make MUI package from slovak dvd and the integrate it to english dvd or copy all slovak language files from svk dvd to eng dvd and edit some files to add slovak language to select box at beginning of installation. Anybody can help, please? Thank you (Sorry for my bad English)