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  1. Theres an easy way to uninstall vista you need an old windows 98 boot disk and remove the ntfs partition using FDISK that would usualy kill it
  2. got plenty of sites just none have been updated in quite some time lol
  3. noticed you have VNC on your other computer do you get the same result when loggin on with vnc instead of RDC?
  4. also the download for an image should be a .img not .iso if downloaded from MS
  5. also the download for an image should be a .img not .iso if downloaded from MS
  6. Sure you could find the rest if you realy wanted it
  7. ahh sorry i was thinking of the full download which includes the x86 and x64 img file which is available for MS OEM Partners
  8. If you get offered the update VIA WU i would update that way as it will not be as big of a download as the standalone package (aprox 1.2gb for standalone)
  9. SP1 is also available for download from the OEM Parter Centre for those OEMs which have not been on in a while
  10. Hmmm interesting after dabs replaced the blown card ive not had any more problems with this one fingers crossed
  11. Personaly i dont use any codec packs as i use VLC Media Player, it plays almost any media file with out any codec being installed
  12. Installed SP1 last week after issues with IE7 not loading any pages reinstalled from OEM Disk and installed SP1 without any thing else on the machine have had no problems since
  13. If the problem still persists you could try using VLC its a small media player but will play just about anything without the need for extra codec packs
  14. Will try that one next time one of my drives dies
  15. got a 7900gs within minutes of inseting it could smell burning from it imediatly removed the card and got a replacement sent from dabs which has been working for over a year now
  16. Have a KVM switch they are realy easy to use cant say ive seen any which can do the audio though Use a USB Cordless mouse with a ps2 adapter which works fine on windows os and linux os
  17. Have not had access in a while will try running it again
  18. this def seems to be the case Nlite works fine untill mcafee exterprise 8.5 patch 1 has been installed
  19. Yeah thats the same thing that happens to me i have provided the information from the event log above
  20. After a bit digging i found an error in the sys logs > Log Name: Application > Source: Application Error > Event ID: 1000 > Task Category: (100) > Level: Error > Keywords: Classic > User: N/A > Computer: browneybedroom > Description: > Faulting application nLite.exe, version, time stamp 0x46424119, > faulting module ntdll.dll, version 6.0.6000.16386, time stamp > 0x4549bdc9, exception code 0xc0000374, fault offset 0x000af1c9, process > id 0x1334, application start time 0x01c79d168fb60b63. > Event Xml: > <Event xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/win/2004/08/events/event"> > <System> > <Provider Name="Application Error" /> > <EventID Qualifiers="0">1000</EventID> > <Level>2</Level> > <Task>100</Task> > <Keywords>0x80000000000000</Keywords> > <TimeCreated SystemTime="2007-05-23T09:01:30.000Z" /> > <EventRecordID>4803</EventRecordID> > <Channel>Application</Channel> > <Computer>browneybedroom</Computer> > <Security /> > </System> > <EventData> > <Data>nLite.exe</Data> > <Data></Data> > <Data>46424119</Data> > <Data>ntdll.dll</Data> > <Data>6.0.6000.16386</Data> > <Data>4549bdc9</Data> > <Data>c0000374</Data> > <Data>000af1c9</Data> > <Data>1334</Data> > <Data>01c79d168fb60b63</Data> > </EventData> > </Event>
  21. Same problem here http://www.msfn.org/board/Problem_running_...Ul_t106127.html
  22. Ive had problems running Nlite under vista ultimate 32 where the application terminates when trying intergrade the update pack, this only happends when i have Mcafee Virus Scan Enterprise 8.5 patch 1 installed on the machine
  23. create the new accounts the usual way through user accounts in the control pannel then click start then run and type in control userpasswords2 and this should bring you to the advanced user settings uncheck the option require user name and password when you hit apply this will then prompt you for the account details which you would like to auto login
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