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  1. I noticed on my setup that it asked if i wanted to update my setup files. Im not sure if this always happens or why but I responded with no. Is this something that should always be answered as NO? Another thing I was wondering was before I adjusted the automatic update option it seemed to come up fairly often, is this typical and why? The other thing is do we ever want to do an automatic update? I understand that you get to see what needs to be updated and choose which components to update, but can't M$ see what OS you are running and therefore see if it is valid? On this same point I have noticed that on one of the pulldown menus there is a place where you can check to see if the OS you are running is legal.....pretty interesting huh? If anyone wants to comment on any or all of these issues please do...These are just some things I have been wondering about. Thanks .....Libidoooh
  2. I read in a thread that someone had downloaded the latest XP drivers for Matrox Millenium 400G. However, he didnt say where he downloaded them. Matrox's webpage doesn't provide any info on XP yet. Anyone know of these drivers or know where I could look to find them? TIA Libidoooh
  3. Anyone know of the existence of these drivers. Epson's webpage doesnt even mention anything about XP yet. I have tried the Win 2000 drivers with erratic luck. I know this may be a premature request, but any info would be appreciated. Libidoooh