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  1. rehbar

    msstyles support?

    Apply that *.msstyles then come on themes then save it as your desir name . It will save as *.theme . So you can add it .
  2. Hi over.. I understand some what you want's . Try to edit these files and see will it change what you want's. shell32.dll msgina.dll WINNTBBA.DLL WINNTBBU.DLL WINNT32A.DLL WINNT32U.DLL
  3. Hi dear users, I want's to change colors 256 that is default to 16bits. How can i do it?
  4. No it is not a image. I think it is just like xp orignal logon file that has color in script rether then using image
  5. how can i change color 256 to 16bit? I want's noting changing any more.
  6. I can change logo of xp text but i could not change fonts, style and background color... How can and if by resorce hacker then where this information is placed?
  7. no problem just add theme in nlite1.2.1 rc1 where "add themes" option is . Just click on add and go where you copy your themes. So you can add themes one by one only.
  8. Do sothing which i tell you. 1. At run prompt type cmd and click on ok. 2. Open my computer and click on tool and see folder option is apear? if folder option not apear or after runing cmd command it restart computer then there is virus in your system...
  9. how can i change this image's, color, logo and text? i attached the image .
  10. Hello users I want's to that nlite automatically delete partation c:\ , then create it and then format it with ntfs support. I only want;s to delete c:\ partation all other partation remain safe. Wahat i do with .sif file?
  11. Create $oem$ folder and then create inside $$ folder then create system32 folder inside it and then place uxthem.dll file in it.
  12. Use resorce hacker to changin boot screenof any os like 2k xp , 2003.... Note: ... copy ntoskrnl.exe and ntkrnlmp.exe orignal files form xp cd. They will be in ex_ form so rename them to .ex_ to .cab and then extract them and then open in resorce hacker. Use your 16 coulors bmp pitcure to replace xp logo. The first black screen will boot screen so you have to replace it. Then save it and by makecab command make theire cabnets one by one and rename them .cab to .ex_ . Copy theses filese into i386 folder of xp. and use nlite and disable windows file protection. Then instal xp it will use your custom boot screen. Try and pm me if work
  13. Can we edit WINNTBBA.DLL file. And will same mathed will work for it too as for WINNTBBU.DLL ? Also why not it edit 4bit background and others.. This will appear when we install xp into Pentium4 or in that Computer which XP have no driver for it's VGA lik intel845, intel865, intel915 or nvidia nforce etcc..
  14. Can we edit netshell.dll it? and if we can then how?
  15. Can we integrate WMP11 into xp as sp2 integrated. So it replace wmp9 file and update it into wmp11 no uninstall infrmation in it.. And can ie7 final integrate into same way?
  16. It is easy to view by "resorce hacker"
  17. ok and thanks Murman and for your information "nitroshift" take in mind that ther is Winxp manager is too for showing this tweak. My Question is file not tweak..
  18. Where is win32.sys in driver.cab or sp2.cab ?
  19. Hi end users and advance users.... I want's to know that which file show Windows Version on desktop in Win XP. I want's to know file name not regestry name.... If there is no file then where from it obtain version information to show on desktop? Which file add this registry ?
  20. rehbar

    Windows version

    Hi user and advance users.... I want's to know that which file show Windows Version on desk top in Win XP, 2000 and 2003?
  21. Uninstalling with winxp manager will resolve this problem of creating user with admin option error.. Uninstall it with winxp manager then install fresh copy of nlite and copy fresh winxp. Then make new fun with nlite 1.2.1 .
  22. idiott get lost from here. If you dislike then ask microsoft don't use msdos startup files to start 2000, 2003 XP , Vista text based setup and also ask to motheboard menufacturer to recover bios don't use msdos to recover it. If you can't do it then get lost with dull mind from this form. Msdos and windows 98 need of every one and perhaps remain as floppy is need of every one.
  23. No nuhi work for vista now days so i think he is busy in these days..
  24. Use $oem$ folder to copy uxtheme.dll file into system32 folder and don't use uxtheme.dll patch enable. It is not work in many systems.

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