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  1. I know every system hardware is differ from each other. But i wan't to know which files are revoke XP to run on other system and why?. I know it is not legal but i make an expramint. Can i install XP on C.D?. So i can run it direct from C.D as Herion's boot cd give option mini98.
  2. hello, I hav a question if it possible Windows XP can run on multipal PCs as 98. I want's to install XP on only one Single pc and after installtional i wants to use this hard disk on Multipal PCs without reinstalling Windows XP. I had used 98Sec as this way and this work fine on multipal Computers no need to reinstall it. If it could on XP too? If so how can and what to do ?
  3. rehbar


    you should got resorce hacker rether then resorce tuner....
  4. rehbar


    Use reshack (resorce hacker) for editing.
  5. rehbar

    M.S Scan Disk

    it is ok but my another question is which file is update by setting this registry value? As when we set sfcdisable=0 so sfc_files.dll is update when we set system fie checker to off by this velue.
  6. Hi users, I want's to ask how can i enforce scandisk[check disk (chkdsk)] to scan disk drive immedate without prompt user to cencel it. This is happen when abnormal power off occour. Another question is which file is contain this information that prompt user to cencel within 10 sec. I want's to clear that my os is Windows XP SP2.
  7. No D845GVSR + P4 2.4 with onboard graphic dos't support 16bits but it support only 16-color. I want's to change rethar then using 16-color it used 8-bit or 16-bit color. Will it possilble?
  8. rehbar

    driver update

    In device manager update driver and chose menual install and chose "display adapter" then chose have disk then provide sorce path of driver(new) then select your display Adapter model and click next and click on ok on popup menu . When complate installtion restart Windows.
  9. I think Micro Star Internation can only help you. For obtain help from them click below. http://www.msi.com.tw
  10. hi users I have capture card that company is VAST PCI TV. It has conexant chipset and this is print on IC Conexant fession 878A Where from i get driver for it and which software is used for watching TV chanals.
  11. I also used autoplay media but all in vain.
  12. rehbar


    I use IDA Pro Freeware but by this i can only view text . I could not edit them. how can i edit text by it as reshacker can edit 32bit files text.
  13. Yes i know but it is also M$ OS. And i just want's to make look like vista for myself.
  14. rehbar

    Installer Language

    Yes' you can change it by replacing your XP cd with MUI XP CD.
  15. i change the file by reshacker but it still dos't change fully it. I also attached file . See it and guide how can i change it? i change the file by reshacker but it still dos't change fully it. I also attached file . See it and guide how can i change it?
  16. Your first question's answer is yes you can delete "support tool" folder safely. second question that you ask i have no idia about it.
  17. Will it affect on partion c: only? delete partion c: and then create it by automatic?
  18. rehbar


    Hello all users, I have another unlegal question that how can we edit winnt.exe(16bit) application. I just want's to change this line in it. Windows XP Professional Setup.
  19. rehbar

    about partation c:

    Why not anyone answer me?
  20. rehbar


    How can we eit "TXTSETUP.SIF" file . by notepad? or anyother program
  21. rehbar


    can we change it... Windows XP Professional => Windows Net Server family that appear at desktop and show windows version one more question which file add entry in boot.ini and can we change it's entry?

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