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  1. when you integrate ie7 then this will appear. It is the part of ie7 installer that configer his files and setting up windows for use....
  2. i have some confusion that when i integrate ie7beta3 and wmp11 in xp with nlite 1.2 rc2 or earlier version there is an error occour. "Your windows is not genuine " . And a pops appears an counting 5..4..3..2..1.. and after it "resolve later" tab appear. I mension you that my windows is not genuine windows xp sp2.... But i still want's how can i remove this error.....
  3. bledd where from nlite patch download?. If you want's to identified to option "unsignetheme ---enable " Ten i tell you i much time used this option this will not work. all the themes are appear but not work with xp.. i mean not applying.
  4. use ultraiso to write xp cd. Select bootable disk form menu and when it ask for boot imag(boot able file image ) give it boot.bin file that you can download form WWW.bootdisk.com and then burn it it will work fine. If you unable to find that boot imag(boot.bin) then Pm me in yahoo.... end_user2006@yahoo.com
  5. right click on "My Computer" click on properties then click on "Hardware" then click on "Driver signing" tab then select 1st option "ignore-install............" then restart windows and install driver again. Will it helpfull idia?
  6. I think that you use nlite 1.2 beta or 1.2 rc. This version have this bug it dos't create any user and also some time it disable some admin rights too.
  7. You should use $oem$ folder for enable unsigned themes apply able. No more setting is required. if you have patched uxtheme.dll file then placed it as i type below $oem$\$$\system32\uxthem.dll this mean $oem$ is major folder and $$ folder is created in $oem$ folder and system32 folder is created in $$ folder and uxtheme.dll file is placed in system32 folder. Note: $oem$ folder should placed parallel to i386(win installation folder) folder. Will it help full ?
  8. use this by creating folder $OEM$, $$, system32 and place it parallel to i386(win installtion folder) folder and place uxthem.dll file in it. folders should placed as i below show. $oem$\$$\system32\uxtheme.dll First creat $oem$ then creat $$ floder in side $oem$ folder then create system32 folder in $$ folder and then place uxtheme.dll in system32 folder. Will it help full answer ? As i know in nlite RC2 or beta it dos't patch uxthem.dll file correctly. I have too same problem ...
  9. rehbar

    help please

    what is your question and what is ur application and which logo you want's. (bios logo, boot screen logo, logon screen logo, etc....). Plz decribe your question with full datial.
  10. Sorry as i know it is impossible.
  11. Ok i know what error you have occured. To edit shell32.dll use resorce hacker. then reply me
  12. rehbar

    Hold out for RC3?

    You are 100% correct. I have also same problem with nlite. I create a user with admin option and used patched uxthem.dll file. After complating installatin no user was created and no (custom) theme is applied i restart pc but the problem remain same. It also dos't intregrate ie7RC3 correctly. I hope new version will relised without these bugs.
  13. you should just copy uxthem.dll file by using $oem$ folder. When installtion of x complate then after first boot complate restart your pc then apply your desired themes manualy. It will apply.
  14. how can i integrate Net Framework 2 into windows xp professional sp2. And where from i download addon pack of it if it is not direct integrate into xp. plese send me direct link...
  15. rehbar

    Change language

    Hey friends, My brother is out in south Korea and he bought a new computer and a friendly local set everything up on his computer in korean. My brother not having much knowledge of Korean found this to be of limited help. Does anybody know if there is an easy way of changing Windows XP from Korean into english. He dont have Windows XP CD too.
  16. i want's to some guide about $OEM$ folder and placing files inside it.. Can someone help me..? please total help about $OEM$ ....
  17. I used nlite rc7 to integrate IE 7beta 2 20 march 2006 version but it could not integrate in to win xp sp2 pro. How can i integrate it in win xp.?
  18. click on start and click on run then type this command c:\boot.ini and there remove line rether then these [boot loader] timeout=30 default=multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS [operating systems] multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect and enjoy it
  19. you can renable it by setting it to 0 rether then ffffff9d
  20. i used cam, modem drivers which are not passed by WQL(WindowsQuailtyLogo) and i used uxthem.dll file in cabnetform(make it's cabnet and rename it uxthem.dl_). When i install windows XP it retune file missing error three time one for file of modem 2nd for file of web cam and 3rd for uxtheme.dll file how can i elimanate this errors. Title Edited - Please follow new posting rules from now on. --Zxian
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