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  1. Which Account is not showing up? If it is "Administrator" then it is not shown in logon screen after creating a account with administrator privilege. If you want's to show it in logon screen then use Win XP manager.
  2. And change name of file *.inf to *.sif for cd boot install.
  3. Just install Net Framework 1.1 and set logon mode to logon screen & fast swich mode enable in Control Panel. Then restart Your PC.
  4. rehbar


    I needs ASPI32.SYS and WNASPI32.DLL files. Where is download link in ADAPTEC site?
  5. rehbar


    Hello all, I am in truble for downloading plugins. Where from i download Adaptec ASPI plugin ? I want's ditect link to download.
  6. Hello, If we install intel 845 / 865 /915 ...etc or Nvidia driver version 9.0.x.x in Windows xp sp2 a menu bar will appear in mose right click menu. Question is which file/registry add this menubar in mose right clik menu. How can we remove it?
  7. Yor pc on network or single? And you want's to log off your pc or network? if your own PC then create batch file and type below words in it. shutdown -f -t00 save this batch file and run.
  8. Press Enter to delete exiting files and install windows and see what happen. Will Gui is not start after this time rebooting?
  9. rehbar

    search script

    Why not reply ? none of user know about it?
  10. It is realy good thing............... And surprise for 2000 users
  11. rehbar

    search script

    Hello, I have a question that when we creat a user by nlite. Where is nlite place the script(having information of user and rights) for creating user.
  12. Hi users, I got these info of My mainboard. There are no other indentifying marks on the board except "694T" printed on it. I am currently using a p3 tualatin processor @1.2ghz on it. "Motherboard ID 02/05/2002-694X-686B-6A6LJTRAC-00 Motherboard Chipset VIA VT82C694X/T Apollo Pro133A/T North Bridge VIA VT82C694X/T Apollo Pro133A/T Award BIOS Message 6M694X/T Ver:2.0 " i need the board manufacturer, manual, and bios update. thank you all.
  13. Where is string "Version 2002" show in Windows?
  14. You should use WinXP manager it has a utiluty to disable auto logon.
  15. this is located in i386 folder of XP CD
  16. rehbar

    Removing driver

    Hi I have a question to nuhi that if there is possible that he add this option, if some one want's to remove VGA driver(that bullten in XP) of Nvidia only from XP cd. So that all other compony drivers of VGA remain there and only spacific compony drivers are removed. So that if some one want's to update driver he remove bulliten driver of that company from xp and integrate new one.
  17. and which file update by this registry? is it "explorer.exe"?
  18. Hello users, I want's to know which file updated when we change first icon on the desktop "My Documents" to "My Computer" by tweak.
  19. I also edit it with reshack in win98Sec and reboot for starting xp but it dos not save sucsussfully although dllcache of WinXP is empty.
  20. How can i edit win32k.sys and change entry of "Windows XP Professional " that show on desktop?
  21. This is bug of windows XP but it is not offten occur. Windows 98Sec can read it correctly but Windows XP dos't read it.
  22. Where from i get WinPE and BartPE iso?
  23. I want's to know where from i download WDM driver of VGA cards like Intel Nvidia ...etc . I want's drivers just like Microsft Windows XP internal drivers that have no addtional file, services or mose right click menues. Full drivers installer contain 20mb to 30mb space but the drive is only upto 2mb. So i want's only drives not other things.
  24. My problem is that i want's to access ntfs file system in read/write mode only on IDE. So i don't care that it load raid or sata drivers or other settings like power management ..etc of PC.

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