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  1. Hi users, I nlited my xp cd with v1.3 and install xp by VP. After installing xp i suprisse to see look of xp . Windows classic style applied and when i try to access network there is no network connection appear. Then i open device manager it show that nice was installed. Then i try to use dxdiag command it dos't show computer name and other information of main board. I open admin tool and check services. I am fritend to see that all services that set auto(those that xp orginal cd set auto) bydefault but not all of them runing. Only few of them runing. I teset three time orgnial xp sorce and lite it by v1.3 but all time same problem appear. services are not run but they set auto. I also delete folder of nlite from program file and clean install it but problem remain there. I also attached my session files
  2. I use boooggy WMP11 addon it is nice that directly replace source files. But i want;s to ask which file should be add in nlite? There are multipal files in Slipstream folder. I extract orignal WMP11 file by winrar.
  3. you can download it from www.driverguide.com It for chipset BT878KHF, BT878 etc... I have downloaded this driver. But i don't know how to send you.
  4. Hi users I want's to ask that which file should add in nlite to integrate WMP11 in xp ? Why uninstall information is remain in windows? Is there is possible to ie7 and wmp11 integrate in xp and no uninstall information is remain in xp. It directly replace the source files of xp. If this possible
  5. Thanks so much for replying me. I try much time create user with blank password. But after 10 days windows ask for new password. And also thanks for add abilty to direct integration of WMP11.
  6. What Net Framework do in xp? and what is defferent in 1, 2, 3 ?
  7. "password never expire" = "true" this option is not in nite so user password is expire every 10 days. Although user has admin rights.
  8. Hi users, When i creating user with admin option by nlite there is an option remain. User password never expire option was not set to true. So after 10 days it ask for new password. How can i set that "password never expire" = "true"
  9. I too dislike M$ Vista duto requirments of hardware. Every user can not upgrade his/her hardware to meet M$ Vista. Another thing that is " there's been a 5 year gap between Vista and XP ". You can't put claim on users that 5 year gap between two O$. Why not M$ build it into 2 Years? M$ should build Simple Version of M$ Vista that need not much hardware upgrade as between 2k and XP. If question is why to upgrade to M$ Vista? The answer is to see change between XP and Vista. Most of users go back to xp duto harware requirments of M$ Vista.
  10. It save file in avi format only and size of file is increas upto 3 to 9 time. I.e 10MB to 30MB or 120MB.
  11. In device manager uninstall driver then use scan for device option in device manager it will resolve your problem. If problem remain then change IDE of drives IDE1 device to IDE2 and IDE2 device to IDE1 .
  12. I download VirtualDub plugin logo remover. I copy it into plugin folder and start it but where from i find option of logo remov or insert ?
  13. Hi, I want's to insterted logo in my saved movi files that format is (avi, mpeg, mpg, dat). I want's logo appear like CNN, HBO...etc.
  14. If i set computer type to automatic(as default is) then it is not possible to install multipal HAL. It automatically detect and install appropriate HAL? It mean it is not possible to insall multipal hal where we set computer type auto in single PC.
  15. Hi I want's to istall multi type of M.$ hal.dll file during installtion of XP. Which parameter is define in sif file so it install all type of hal.dll .
  16. This link direct to Acorp Try it...
  17. Use JetAudio Plus for converting in best quality Audio.
  18. I download it from ati.amd.com but when i install it. I play a video song it show video of song uper-left of the screen of moniter. Now what i do?
  19. Window vista should be auto load all intel drivers if it not load automatically so there is no driver that work for vista. Intel discontinued to update and support web and still cams.
  20. Hi all, I have 32MB Diamond VGA card that model is "Dimond Multimedia Fire GL1". Where from i download it's drivers for Windows 9x and Windows XP SP2 ? I also tri to open "www.ati.com" and "www.ati.amd.com" but i faild out to open it.
  21. I could not understand your question. What do you want's to say? Plz write full condition that you have & what you want's.
  22. Why not you use more then 700Mb capacity C.D? Like 730Mb or 800Mb C.D . If you have only 700Mb CD-R then ther is option in nero to write 12Mb more data into CD-R. This option is perhaps " Enable generation of short lead-out" use this option anable to get 12Mb more space.

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