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  1. how can I add first login command in unattanded.xml & where I add batch script in it.
  2. Sir I want's to run this command with admin rights in runonce. net accounts /maxpwage:unlimited how to it possible...
  3. Thanks for reply. Sir my user have administrative right. now how to run a file with administrator rights.
  4. Hello, Friends any friend tell me how to run a batch file with admin rights(run as admin) in runonce.
  5. Processor explorer create dump file. i need a tool that dump files from memory/ram and save all them in a folder in original types.
  6. is there any tool for dumping files from running an exe, batch file in Windows 10 memory/RAM and copy to folder.
  7. any one know how to set user password to never expir in autounattand.xml.
  8. Hello Dear, I have wireless router with detachable 6dbi antenna. I want's to increase wireless coverage area. How can it possible? if i replace antenna with 9dbi will it increase it's coverage area will it cross Concrete walls too?
  9. rehbar

    volume label

    hello all, i face problem that i am using win7 ultimate 32bit . when i rename my drives D, E ,F etc.. volume label it dose not change. what have to be done? also i want's to know that why not i show volume labels that i set in windows XP.
  10. i am attached my printer directly to my pc by usb cable. And there is no Windows Vista or Windows 7 driver for my printer. i am using Windows XP drivers on windows 7 and win7 load it normaly.
  11. Hello, My HP printer laserjet 1015 but was always in a good working condition. Since I use Windows 7. From this moment on I've got problems with it. It is printing all pages at one sheet of paper. Could anybody help me?
  12. wellcome back in 2010

  13. rehbar

    7 lite

    Hi users, i want's some information for win7. is there any tool for windows 7 that customize it? like xp and vista for that nlite and vlite are.
  14. i am using ACPI but i want's to use it as apm mode by setting acpi off in bios after installing winxp. update hall from acpi to apm but it dos't shutdown pc automatically. it ask for manual off pc.
  15. hi all, i have some questions that how can i set "My Computer" icon on top in Desktop by deafult and i also want's to know setting logon background wallpaper custom. I don't want to change logon pic. How can i obtain these two tasks by using nlite?
  16. y not reply me anyone? Is there no option for it?
  17. where are all? is there no option to enforce APM tab to Enable?
  18. Hello, all I disabled ACPI on my PC, and switched it to a standard PC. I enabled APM in my bios, but there's not APM tab in XP, and I cannot enable the NT Apm/Legacy Support Node. Is there a way to fix this without reinstalling xp? Plz tell me command or registry settings.
  19. Hi all I wan't to inject my custom logo into mpeg file. Which software can do it? Also this software dos't chang the output format of file. I have use a software that is "VirtualDub-1.8.5" it can insert the custom logo but it change file format to *.avi format. I need that software that no change place(no movie size, Audio bits, frame rate should changed) in mpeg file else my logo insert into.
  20. rehbar


    i am trying to downloading from this link but it can't allow to download. I also use to send link in e-mail. There is no e-mail send to me for link and i also use to create user but it also not send any e-mail to me for success user creation and also not allow to log in too. Alpha Vision TECH is only printed on webcam so where from i get it's model?
  21. rehbar


    hello, I have two web cams and i need driver of them. the model are below. Alpha Vision Tech Samsung TWC-1200 I am using OS Win XP Pro SP3. Where from i get these drivers.
  22. Thanks for reply It is my test system and on VM. I know all about what i do so no problem for me if wrong value..
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