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  1. thats err the thing i thought i had to do, time to contact the office admin err
  2. Is there a undo for this script After installing the aero and putting the symbols in the folder then using the script i get a dwm error and i couldnt login so i had to do into safe mode and uninstall the aero I want to undo the script and try getting it to work on another pc, not this main pc that i am using since im having issues
  3. We have a 20 key Win 8 Pro license and well i want to upgrade to the latest update on my office pc but the rest of the staff will not just yet Since i bought a new asus laptop at home, the new windows is amazing and going to an old version at work is ughh I tried everything and could not get it to work, i even cloned the drive and tried installing win 8 pro using the key from my asus and then tried to change it to the volume key but no worky
  4. I have a installation dvd that installs both x64 and x86, the user can select during install. I have it on my usb actually, i just use that to install on several machines, i am going to slipstream service pack and make trim the install using rt seven but i wanted to know if i can keep the dual option during install. I definitely want to slipstream and apply tweaks, but if that means i have to keep 2 usb drives instead of my current usb tat will be horrible. Its so easy and fast with usb.
  5. if i go to setup raid in my bios will it tell me that it wont use my existing setup that i will have to format? i dont want to risk losing anything. i might go with raid 5 for a total of 4 drives.
  6. I have 2 sammy terra drives. I have 2 partitions on each, and i have win xp on a drive and win 7 on the other. I wanted to know the best raid option for me to keep my files safe. My mobo supports intel rapid 0,1,10,5 raid options. I am thinking 10 or 5 is best. I can either buy 2 more terras or buy a single 2 tb drive. Will raid affect my existing partitions/ dual boot setup?
  7. I have a machine that will no longer detect my samsung terra at bios. It seems to make the boot up noise and everything but it wont detect it at all. It does detect my other sammy but not this drive. I tried it in another machine and i get the same problem. I swapped the circuit board from my working drive to the non working and still nothing. I have quite a bit of data on there if i can get it to boot that would be great and copy it all over. Before this happened every now and then when i turned the machine on it would not show it as being detected. If i powered off the system a few times and turned it on it would come back, i thought it might be because it was Pentium 4 and it was old and dying but when i put it in my i3 it doesnt work.
  8. Great, just wanted to let people know to avoid that model. As well for those that have issues, dont waste money at Best Buy or anywhere else as they do not have the proper equipment and will make you buy a new $300 board.
  9. I apologize in advance if this is against the rules. But i was hoping to reduce threads as this is a major issue. There are thousands of laptops which were made after 2006 which have the famous no video on the screen even though the laptop is on. This is a result of the FDA requiring all manufacturers to switch from lead solder to lead free solder which may help the workers but causes issues for the consumer. The lead solder actually provided stronger connections, whereas with the lead free flux the solder cracks when it gets too hot. The GPU or graphics processing unit gets very hot and due to the lack of cooling in low end laptops overheats and starts to cause solder cracks which eventually get to the point where there is a loss of connection. This is a major issue among the dv series of hp laptops a simple dv6000 no video google search will prove that. The reason is the heatsink shares the same path as the CPU, the CPU is able to deal with the extreme heat but the GPU is not. There are only 2 methods to fix this problem. Replace the mobo which is usually expensive and not worth it. Repair the GPU which is not something all repair shops can do. YouTube - Laptop GPU died, blank screen, lines across the screen, no display This tech based in London explains it very well. Therefore to all my customers i recommend ONLY Asus and Toshiba as cooling systems are improved over the other manufacturers now they still have issues but they are a lot more reliable. I have included a document which pretty much follows up on this. Now you all know the reason why you were able to buy that laptop for under $400 at Walmart/ Staples. SquareTrade_laptop_reliability_1109.pdf
  10. not much we can remove compared to xp, but at least its a start.... i managed to have a very stable working xp at around 170mb from a original size of say 600mb with sp3. hopefully we can at least bring the install down 50%............ perhaps you can include some performance and stability tweaks as well, not to mention services we can disable
  11. I have windows 7 installed on a raptor. I just put in 2 250gb to test raid 0 performance. In crystal disk mark i go around 160/ 140 for the raid0, 80ish for the single 250 not in raid and around 77 for the raptor. This is the top of the scores. But when i transfered an iso file of about 4 gigs to the raid 0 the transfer rate was 80ish, i transfered it to the the single non raid the transfer was 77ish. I then tried transferring a bunch of files and the transfer rate was around the same. I did this several times. So crystal disk mark shows the raid 0 is obviously a lot better, but real world experience is not benefiting. Is there something i need to look at. I am using a quad core custom pc, using the built in raid from the mobo with 4gb of ram and win7 64 bit....
  12. I had a buffalo router WZR-HP-G300NH that i setup with wpa security. When connecting to the router with win 7 it brought the passcode dialog but it also said i could press the button on the router and when i did it automatically connected. Way cool, but i recently replaced it with a negear router WNR2000 V2 because it gave better speeds via the speakeasy test, it gives me the same dialog but when i press the button even though it starts blinking it doesnt auto connect the way it did with the buffalo. Both routers support wps, the only difference is the buffalo supports aoss. I have wps setup in both routers but cant get the netgear to work with my laptop. Also the laptop is old and doesnt have the wps function which is why i was surprised that it worked, i assume win 7 has some functionality which is why it let me do it with the buffalo. But not sure why the netgear isnt working.
  13. just updated to the latest version and get this error when loading os files after selecting between 32 or 64 bit object reference not set to an instance of an object didnt have this issue with the previous version
  14. cool small enough to fit on a 2gb usb stick have you applied any tweaks, and are you sure all functionality still exists? you should post your session
  15. The quick launch start menu items contained google chrome and other programs i use the most. All of a sudden google chrome has the arrow which shows a tasks list when hovered over. I want to remove it but cannot find a way to do so. I dont even know how it appeared out of nowhere.
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