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  1. The package can be extracted with this command: expand -f:* Windows6.0-KB957200-x86.msu . Then you can extract the .cab file with winrar. If you look at the contents (look at the xml-files) you will find that there are 4 files being updated: werfaultsecure.exe (errorreportingfaults) werfault.exe (errorreportingfaults) faultrep.dll (errorreportingfaults) wersvc.dll (feedback-service) All related to the error reporting service, Which I removed. Mystery solved - no need for this patch!
  2. Yeah, I saw that and tried it --- no joy. But if it worked for you, I'll try it again with more persistence! Edit: No, that does not work for me. It's Office 2007 anyway, while the error # refers to Office 2003.
  3. Thanks, I can see why it works for you. You really don't remove much! I thought that I was conservative, but you put me to shame.
  4. The new compatibility update KB957200 is failing to install. I suspect because I removed Windows Mail. Anybody else have any experience or advice?
  5. In the old days, we used to get this problem when the laptop battery (not the cmos battery) had gone bad. Removing the battery with the power cord removed and letting it sit for a few minutes would enable it to post after plugging power back in (leaving battery out).
  6. For a quick fix, try going into WindowBlinds and set it to exclude (no skin) Symantec Pro Systemworks.
  7. This little phrase may be the clue to your problem. Read this: How to fix "Not enough storage space, etc"
  8. Enable the Gigabyte Boot Screen in the bios, it's ugly but it should solve your problem.
  9. By the time Service Pack 2 rolls around, I'll be ready for a fresh install anyway. In the meantime, I'll enjoy the ride!!
  10. The only thing that I can think of is the reg file I gave you is from 64 bit Vista. Maybe someone will post the equivalent from 32 bit Vista.
  11. I would like to be able to set the workgroup, if it's there I never could find it. But, what a wonderful program!
  12. Did you add this to the registry? Defender.reg
  13. OK, the first file error is because we removed tabletpc and I really don't care. The second error is a known problem with a fix discussed here: FM20.dll fix
  14. OK 32 Bit Vista otherwise same specs as before. Got two errors during install but all programs checked out at least by running them a few times. Also ran various other stuff (parts of Windows) with no problem. I should add that I never install Access or Onenote.
  15. Later today I'll set up a 32 Bit test machine and try it.
  16. I installed Office 2003 (SP3) on vLited Vista 64SP1 as a test after reading this. I could not discover any problems. Attached is my lastsession.ini Last_Session.ini
  17. Thanks for your reply. I image my computer every day, so I was able to trace back the pending deletes to the installation of SP1 (I have the real thing since they released it to beta testers). So I nuked them. I also was able to trace the pending renames to the January Patch Tuesday, so I nuked them also. Event Viewer shows no problems afterward and so I'll hope for the best.
  18. I ran across this folder while looking for things to delete: C:\Windows\winsxs\temp It has 160 Megabytes in it under two subdirectories: PendingDeletes and PendingRenames Under PendingDeletes the files have names like this: $$DeleteMe.activeds.dll.01c869f7276954a3.0053 Sure looks like it can be deleted, but only answer this post if you have definite knowledge of what this stuff is.
  19. His first post is a troll and he's already hooked 4 people (including me).
  20. Well, besides flash drives, people plug in usb mice by the thousands with no problem. USB external modems are not reported to cause any problem when plugged in with the computer powered on. I can think of various other devices, but you get my point.
  21. any usb devices????? You've got to be kidding!
  22. Yes, I got that from your post, but it was not enough to prevent me from barking up the wrong tree ---- until I looked at the site ----- and saw my mistake.
  23. I would imagine that "registeredsite" has to be replaced with the name that your company uses. Edit: nope it does want "registeredsite", I see. It picks up your domain from the user name.
  24. You might try this: strAppExe="mstsc.exe 'vmw-%username%.RDP'" strAppExe="mstsc.exe 'vmw-%username%.RDP'"
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