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  1. great guide for knowledge but not for me! i dont see why i would want to change logon screen, sounds, directx, screensavers etc when i can change all those after installing. my way of looking is why go thru all these hassle when it can be done later. I have yet to see something big change it can offer! but again its great guide and this is just my opinion....vlitening is justifiable since it saves me space and keeps junk out and biggest thing is that it's EASY to remove components and rebuild...thanks to Nuhi.
  2. Nuhi, I have no idea what I was doing wrong at first but at 2nd attempt everything worked great in 1 pass. I first slipstreamed SP1 and then added drivers, removed lots of components, tweaked, and did unattended portion. After rebuilding Ultimate version, I got iso of 1.30 GB. I haven't installed it yet but am gonna try as soon as I get home this evening I will let you know of any issues. Thank u bunch again!
  3. Hi Nuhi, I got question on most recent release v1.1.6 beta. I just tried to slipstream SP1 but as soon as I hit Browse and select SP1 file it starts slipstreaming process for about 1-2 hours. But after it completes slipstreaming, All other options including Intergration, Components, Tweaks, Unattended are disabled. Can you please advice what am I doing wrong? Only workaround for this problem I find is slipstream SP1 and create ISO image. And then rerun vLite and use that newly created ISO with SP1 and remove components and all that nice integration stuff. Please advice and thank you for this great utility. Great work!
  4. I just removed something which was worth saving space (just big numbers ###MBs). I didnt even touch with RED colored alerts with dependencies--so I dont mess up anything. I didnt remove anything after installation (I dont even know what can be removed ) I didnt install Outlook, I dont use it. "Office like with Shrinker " I have no idea what you mean by Shrinker so I guess not
  5. I installed it from Office CD, with Custom Install, checked boxes for WORD and EXCEL with individual component selection box checked. Then pressing next, on next screen, I selected Word dropdown menu and selected RUN ALL FROM MY COMPUTER and same for Excel. Then selected Office Tools dropdown menu and selected RUN ALL FROM MY COMPUTER as well to get "imaging tools" and etc. I followed exact same procedure I have been following 30+ times in past and not a speckle of problem---ever! And I know it's not Office Install source or me selecting something wrong for office installation. It's 100% something within vlite I removed but have no idea! thank you for ur reply
  6. everytime I start "any" program, Office Installer popups start popping up after installing Office 2003 on Vista rebuilded using vlite. I dont get that problem on Vista installed from OEM DVD. please help!
  7. Thank you for this program. It will save me whole lot of space soon. This is awesome other than small glitch I am having. I rebuild ISO after removing un-needed stuff like tablet pcs, printer, scanner drivers, and many other things. I burned ISO to DVD and installed it on my laptop to test out results. Installation went thru just fine normal and everything came to normal screen. Then very first program I installed was MSOffice 2003, which installed normal as well. However now, whenver I do ANYTHING such as opening IExplorer, Notepad, Media Player, or absolutely ANYTHING, MSOffice installation starts automatically. It keeps coming everything time I take any action. Its extremely annoying to keep clicking "cancel" whenver it pops up. Can anyone please advice what I did wrong? or What did I remove could have caused this? I read details on each item I removed and I was very clear on what I am removing! I know it's not MSOffice installation source because, I been using it for years now and when I isntalled it on my Desktop which is running Vista, I dont get this problem. Anyhelp be greatly appreciated. thank you
  8. After removing all unneeded stuff from Vista DVD original Size about 2.5GB I make ISO using vlite. However ISO size remains same as original size, 2.5GB. What am I doing wrong? I mean after removing so many items, it should be changed at least somewhat? Please help. Thank you a bunch in advance!
  9. Hi all, I bought brand new HP laptop last week and it came with MCE2005 w/o OS CDs. so I been surfing web on how to create OS cd from i386 folder. after searching several forums, finally I made CD by following these steps. -dumpted ALL files from both retail MCE2005 CDs into C:\MCECD. -replaced i386 folder in C:\MCECD with i386 folder from my HP Laptop. -using NLITE created bootable DVD about 900MB without any adding or removing of components/programs. -burned that ISO to DVD -installed MCE2005 successfully using newly created DVD. -product key from label attached on bottom of my laptop worked during installation. (SO HAPPY) now comes my question...would product activation work? It's not illegal key that I am using so it should work but what's your thought on this? thank you very much for any input.
  10. dump contents for both cd into 1, use NLITE create ISO using it. burn iso about 900MB on DVD works greeeeat!!

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