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  1. I don't have any such error messages in my English install doing the same integration.
  2. Just a comment that nLite has come a long, long way since the last time I tried it. It's quite remarkable now with the excellent interface and the clever compatability options. I would have to say that it's no longer a "hack" and is now commercial and business grade. Thanks for sharing your wonderful work with the world!!
  3. I have seen Windows Update malfunction for a day or two. It has been known to declare that patches are missing and then find them when you try another day. My latest install from a GreenMachine CD that included the same April updates worked fine however. For me, Windows Update saw no problems.
  4. My point is that you are misinformed on your weight. The IBM weighs 5 lbs without the CD drive - Duh! True weight is as I said 5.8 lbs, your boss will not be pleased. The Fujitsu weighs 4.5 lbs with it's drive. Anyway, IBMs are fine, especially if your boss never weighs it.
  5. Hmmm, 5.88 lbs for T41 versus 4.5 lbs for Fujitsu - IBM does not meet your specs, but if you throw out your specs as useless, then IBM is great. Without your specs, the field is much wider, why did you bother including them?
  6. Fujitsu Lifebook 7000 - brand new model - Get it!
  7. Yes, it is a SP2 thing and depends on how the file link is constructed. You should find you can download fine from most sites while others reproduce the problem consistently.
  8. Boot into safe mode, search for tfnryve.dll and delete all copies. Delete the registry entries. Reboot and look.
  9. Yes, you could do all that gosh suggests (She's almost always on target). Or if you want to spend a few bucks and save some time go here: Blue Screen Analysis As always YMMV.
  10. @AaronXP The one that you posted is for SP2 RC1. There is an older one that works for SP1. I posted it some time back. powercfg.exe
  11. Asked and answered. Allanoll would point you to the search function.
  12. FlashGet was also able to handle the problem quite gracefully and get the whole thing uncorrupted in 12 minutes.
  13. Pull the speaker plug (the one that plugs into the sound card) coat it with two heavy coats of clear nail polish. Put it back in. On graduation day, treat him to some nail polish remover.
  14. Ahh, be sure to use the very latest version of PartitionExpert as they recently fixed some nasty bugs!
  15. Have not used Ghost in a while. as I have moved on from it. However, when I did use it, it included a utility called "gdisk". You would boot from your ghost disk and run "gdisk /mbr" to rewrite the mbr for Ghost. Try it on the drive already cloned ---won't hurt and may help.
  16. Tbone2: Your list of files that it hangs on was very helpful in confirming the problem, once we narrowed the list of suspects. It took a long time to stop "rounding up the usual suspects" and start looking at new ones!
  17. Yeah, I'm thinking that we need to start with a CD that has never seen or heard of CDimage. Then, we'll know. I'm shot too right now, but I'll post when I try it. (Edit - who ever edits?? ) More testing and experimenting needed by me, I mean! Edit: Well, I just tested mine again -wow- I forgot how fast the file copy was supposed to be. Then I started with my ISO - deleted my files and put in GreenMachine files. Slow, slow copy. Very strange - Watson!
  18. I'm noticing that my slick new GreenMachine CD takes a lot longer to copy the files too. I've gained back some time by opening the ISO in UltraISO 6.51 (use only this version) then extracting all the files (except the bin files). Then I deleted all the files from the ISO (except the bin files). Then I re-added the same files from the location that I extracted to. Under File - Properties (in UltaISO) I marked "Optimize", then I resaved the ISO (Lots of activity as it claims to be optimizing). Whew! This gained back some of the lost time, but not all. Further testing and experimenting by me needed! I suspect the same thing as Green posted, there is some delay caused by something it's searching for --- Hmmmmm. But, some of the delay was apparently caused by the CDimage process.
  19. Was just working on a new GreenMachine CD, when I had a problem with KB828035. Lo and behold a new corrected version is now out as of today!
  20. Do you have your directories reversed? It should be $oem$\install not install\$oem$? GreenMachine: whatever happened with the slipstream script that you and webmedic were working on? Do you still use it now that the rollup came out?
  21. I got exactly that with a bad burn of the CD, it was not really bad but the drive in my test machine could not completely read it. The machine that burned it thought it was great!
  22. It does not report anything about replacing any files after the scan. If you scan again, it asks for the CD again - every time. I have come to the conclusion that it's a bug perhaps related to the way we are installing the hotfixes. I don't think it means anything is really wrong, but I think it's a bad idea to do it unless there is a real problem that you hope to fix. I found many places that advise against running SFC and say that if you do, you should reinstall your hotfixes.
  23. Go to the manufacturers web site for the brand of drive. Get the diagnostics and run the long test. Depending on the brand you may be able to run the diagnostics in Windows.
  24. It appears that you are calling psshutdown before it gets copied to the hard drive.
  25. Nope, this is before I patch any system files. You should get the same mesage, don't you? I did add some themes and wallpaper during the install - in anticipation of patching later. I tried it on another system, installed the old fashion way - with just slipstreamed SP1 -- and all the patches installed by Windows Update. Same message!
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