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  1. OK, Numinous or AaronXP or DaveXP or anybody equally brillant, I have successfully combined info from all of you to get what seems to me to be a perfect, fully patched unattended install of XP. Runs fine and passes the Windows Update test. However when I run "SFC /scannow" as a test, Windows wants the XP SP1 CD to add files to the DLLCACHE directory. I'm suspicious of this because the hotfixes, rollup and Directx etc are not really "Slipstreamed" as you know. Anybody have any ideas on how to get the DLLCACHE directory in sync?
  2. No backup directories now! At last - still entries in add/remove, so I use the little cleanup program (anal retentive, I know). All the hotfixes plus directx install in under 3 minutes on a Celeron 1.3 Ghz. Thanks!!!!
  3. Ah ha! The /n does not seem to be in your original post either. Somehow my eyes saw it every time even though it was not there. My brain just checked for four switches and saw an "n". I'll correct my code and try again.
  4. Yep, I printed out that list too as I investigated the problem. Here is my code taken from yours, changed the folder name slightly: for %%i in (%systemdrive%\install\Hotfix1\*.exe) do start /wait %%i /u /z /o /q for %%i in (%systemdrive%\install\Hotfix2\*.exe) do start /wait %%i /Q:A /R:N ECHO Installing Q823718 Security Update for Microsoft Data Access Components start /wait %systemdrive%\install\Q823718.exe /C:"dahotfix /q /n" /Q start /wait %systemdrive%\install\qchain.exe It's a stumper alright, but your method is the best!!! When I'm done installing there are no Windows Updates needed, and it's very fast when not being tested in a virtual machine. The little cleanup program cleans the registry, log files and backup files.
  5. Of course since I copied and pasted Numinous's syntax, I am using the /n along with his other switches. I also tried upper and lower case for the "n". Must be something stupid, if no one else gets the backups!
  6. My mistake, it's the type 1, I think. Here is a link to a clean up program that I'm using until someone figures it out: Hotfix Backup Cleaner
  7. This does seem to be the best method, it tests out faster than the others and will be great for updates! The only problem I have is that backups are made with your exact syntax (copy and paste) and entries show in add\remove programs for the type 2 hotfixes?? Anyone else see this?
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