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  1. Hello, So I've been running this script which is a batch file that copies files everyday from one computer to another on my old Windows server 2000 computer and it worked great. However now I "upgraded" to Windows server 2008. I modified the script to run now on the Server 2008, which it does when running the script manually, but I would rather have it setup with the task scheduler like in my Server 2000. I copied the setup used in the 2000 task scheduler setup and ran the script with the highest permissions and as an administrator. It runs the script but never finishes it, only getting a fraction of the way through the folders. My best guess is that its some sort of permissions setting somewhere, but I have no idea which one or where. I tried disabling DEP and UAV just to get it to work but it doesn't seem to make a difference. If anyone knows why this is happening I could really use the help. Sincerely, A Lost Server 2008 User
  2. It could be the power supply, however the strange part is that all the fans including the CPU fan go on when the computer starts, also the CD/DVD drive lights go on. This leads me to believe the power supply is okay. The lights on the motherboard (3 little LED's also light up).
  3. 2003 Professional Retail version, with windows XP
  4. Check this out. The other day I decided to charge my IPOD, which I guess was a bad idea even though I didn't realize it at the time. So I plug my IPOD into to the front USB port, and the computer freezes. I understand this, so I restart the computer and it says "No signal, Video Connected?". This I thought was strange, so I tried resetting the bios, thinking the computer may have tried to boot off the IPOD. I did this three times, but to no avail. So my next idea was my monitor was gone, so I tired another one. Then I tried another graphics card, both did not work. I even tried reseating the RAM and removing the CMOS battery and reseating that too. So now I'm wondering, is my motherboard fried? Or is it some other culprit (I blame Apple, but how do I fix it?). Thanks for any help/suggestions.
  5. When I try to save a document, I will half the time get the error, "There is a serious disk error on file ~WRD3444.tmp". The strange thing is, I reinstalled office already and I still get the same error. Sometimes it will save just fine, which is the weird part. Sometimes it will also give the "disk is full" error too even though there are more than 60 GB available on my Toshiba A8 Tecra. If anyone has any ideas, I would be grateful.
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