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  1. Nice rig. The only suggestions are A) Estimated price guide Time Involved (1 year?) 1)purchasing 2) installing 3)testing (you said 24 hours) C) Links for products used like the thermal grease, tubing, and so on.. Also, does the system run on just plain jane water or is it distilled, bottled etc? And do you ever have to change the water? Will it ever get funky or mouldy? Nice work. I am impressed.
  2. Throw on Mandrake 10 and make a server/firewall for your LAN. Or windows 2000, and make an FTP server out of it. You'll need more ram to even make windows 95 run well
  3. What workgroup name are you using for each machine? It could also be that you need different usernames and passwords for each.. Also are you running any firewall? If so shut it off. Can you remote desktop into the other machine client>host and host>client?
  4. Start with the blaster worm fix, then regress to the more rudimentary of troubleshooting.
  5. YOu tried deleting the cookies manually, You emptied the contents of the temp internet files, Ok, now try this, Go to internet options, click on privacy, then click on the edit button at the bottom, the add the sites that you are having the cookie issues with. See if that resolves it. ALso try lowering the security levels to the lowest settings and visit the sites. Further try opening internet options, click the advanced tab and choose the restore defaults button. If none of that works, try mozilla: http://www.mozilla.org Hope that helps. Update: Went back and reread your post, and seei
  6. I agree with drew on this one, get yourself a low level format, then try to reinstall. If it still happens, you got yourself a dud HDD from what I can tell.
  7. sounds like a case of corrupted cookies. Try going into the temp and internet temp folders and deleting all the files and cookies in those folders. Then try relogging into the sites that you are having issues with. Further you might want to try to set the IE properties back to default. There is a setting in the IE tools options, under programs tab, click reset web settings.
  8. Look at your schedualed tasks. That's settings - controle panel - scheduled tasks. And see if it has been schedualed to run on start up. Or just remove this command from the register, remember to back your registry up before you do this: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\BootExecute: 'autocheck autochk *'
  9. yeah, just get your own PC. They are cheap. BYI is even cheaper.
  10. reinstall the mouse, try a new mouse, and run an antivirus/trojan remover/adware program.
  11. They even show you how to slipstream it into your Windows Server 2003 cd. Nice tip actually.
  12. Flash, Sounds like you've got a good business model worked out for failure
  13. MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) SMF is the PIRATE group that released the workprint.
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