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  1. British Soldier Deaths

    http://www.msnbc.com/modules/interactive.a...id=attack&h=400 They call it "Accidents"...34% died from enemy fire. 53% to "accidents," and 11% to friendly fire. Let's just chalk up 64% to friendly fire...it's the same thing.
  2. School Marks

    They were a lot better than they were in high school, I can tell you that! I probably got A's and B's, maybe C's. I don't think I got a C on a report card till I got to high school, but I could be wrong. Then again, Canadia has a different grading scale than here in the US, right?
  3. Canada Is Next

    Explain, why does it make you so happy? Has he harmed you personally? Please explain why you would personally receive so much joy if he were killed?
  4. Beautifully written letter. I love it.
  5. Canada Is Next

    Yeah, ha ha, very funny. Shame on them for showing that they don't agree with this "totally awesome" war. Let's blow all those nay-sayers up! Heil Bush! Heil Bush!
  6. I was wondering...is there a difference in performance when it comes to FAT32 and NTFS?
  7. Joe Millionaire

    I was really happy that he picked Zora. They made a much better couple than him and Sarah did. Sarah was a b***h who obviously did care about the money (she talked about it *A LOT*). Sarah is the kind of girl who's super hot, so you'd love to have a fling with her, but at the end of the day you'd rather not come home to her, you know? They had their fling and obiviously Zora was the better girl to settle down with.
  8. Searching for an "old" AMD CPU

    Thanks for all the tips. The setup I'm most likely going for is an A7N8X (Deluxe?) with 512MB PC3200 DDR and an XP 2200+. I think I'll get the mobo and 256MB memory and upgrade from there.
  9. Searching for an "old" AMD CPU

    Quick question...will I be able to run my old 1Ghz Athlon T-Bird on the A7N8X until I get a faster processor?
  10. So Anyone Enjoy State Of Emergency?

    We have an average of about 2ft here in southcentral PA. Woohoo, 4 day weekend! Work closed yesterday and today, and I was rescheduled off for tommorow. It's nuts!
  11. Searching for an "old" AMD CPU

    That's what I figured. I remember vaguely hearing something about RAM only running as fast the slowest stick, so I thought I'd double check. And yes, there's now PC3000 (366Mhz), PC3200 (400Mhz), and PC3500 (433Mhz). The nFORCE2-based boards run at 400Mhz, if I recall correctly.
  12. Searching for an "old" AMD CPU

    For the server, I might suggest you get two (or more) smaller drives instead of one big one, for better performance. Set up a RAID if your board can support it and you should get better performance. The harddrives always seem to bottleneck the speed. I would also get an Asus A7N8X mobo, the nFORCE2 chipset is the best chipset for the XP's.
  13. Searching for an "old" AMD CPU

    Well, what I would most likely do is get the motherboard and a stick of 256MB DDR2700 from Crucial...it runs around $45 or so. It's CAS2.5. The Corsair would be CAS2, DDR3200. What I should have asked was, will this limit the performance of the DDR3200 if there's a DDR2700 present? I'd probably end up putting another 256MB of Corsair down the line.
  14. Searching for an "old" AMD CPU

    Yeah, I have a GF4 Ti4200 64MB. I was thinking about going the motherboard + RAM route...Asus A7N8X + 256MB to start. I was going to go for the gold and get Corsair right away, but maybe I should get some cheaper stuff to start off, then get Corsair in the future. Will having slower memory mixed with faster memory result in a performance hit?
  15. I'm fed up ! I can't stand to play BF1942 on certain maps anymore...it's way too slow. I can't use TeamSpeak because it kills my performance (and I probably average around 5FPS). I don't have enough money for my complete upgrade (mobo, memory, cpu), so I'm thinking if I could find the fastest processor that runs on my motherboard and if it's cheap, I'll get it. So if any of you guys (especially you AMD guys) know where I might come across an AMD Athlon T-Bird 1.4Ghz 200Mhz FSB CPU, let me know. I've checked pricewatch and there's only one site with it, and they want $130. No way. I have an Asus A7V (original).