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  1. If you have got Marcomedia Fireworks, you might find it easier to make a drop down menu that way. That's my personal preference anyway.
  2. I had similar problem once. Set your ftp client to show hidden files and then delete the hidden files. As theres some .htaccess and a few others that have to be removed inidividually
  3. To Do / Task Reminders

    Anyone know of a tool for windows xp, that you can use to set reminders for things to do when you boot your pc up, and maybe on time intervals, e.g. every 2 hours or so. Let me know please
  4. MSFN

    I always listen to you Sed You're my hero... /me pulls riks lips away from tims arse heheheheh j/k
  5. xperties.net revised

    'i never said no such thing' about me getting the impression that you stated u made the site, i was just wondering why it looked surprisingly similar to gridstars, and now i know why (because its a template) all u had to say was, "yes thats because its a site template avlaiable from http://www.4templates.com/" rather than posting again 5 minutes after in the same thread, and luaghing etc... anyway, as far as im concerned nothing more should be said
  6. xperties.net revised

    erm, it looks surprisingly similar to the company who hosts my shell account www.gridstar.net
  7. New Tech Site

    nice working link there
  8. CS 1.6 screenshots

    yo just started playing the steam release of Counter Strike 1.6 the famous half life mod.. Screenshots Here i took some screenshots if anyone is interested, its not set for final release just yet but i cant wait WARNING : not 56k friendly
  9. Happy birthday the_JOHN

    ooooo thanks all, for my birthday i just got some cash that im saving up
  10. Happy birthday the_JOHN

    coz their parents had sex before urs
  11. Happy birthday the_JOHN

    heheh ta
  12. NO telephone for 4 days!

    with cable it the internet conection uses a different line / connection and plugs connects via a coax socket
  13. Two Funny Videos

    Both funny videos Matrix Ping Pong Crash Different (mac)
  14. Sound or No sound?

    no, leave the sound off
  15. To all you Pepsi and Coke lovers...

    "Dont Knock until youve tried it"