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  1. Vista Help Needed!

    most probably u hav been hit by virus/worm. end the explorer process, then start another 1... then use ur antivirus to scan. last time my sis pc oso show just black screen with only documents folder auto appear when boot to desktop.
  2. help me with networking...10q

    is it possible to install any update control from server.... any software?? or batch file?? for example the new release counter-strike v1.6! if not i have to update all the pc 1 by 1
  3. help me with networking...10q

    sory... but wat i mean is to do it from the server instead of client by client.... 10q
  4. help me with networking...10q

    how if i want to execute the batch file from the server? if i use the "net use..." and then call the defrag.exe (or start the defrag.exe, it will only use that file and then defrag my server and not the client. is it possible to make a batch file to execute client pc batch file? thanks for ur help....
  5. help me with networking...10q

    is there anyway that i can scandisk and defrag all the network pc thru batch file?
  6. help me with networking...10q

    hmm.... seems like very complicated to me.... 1) ok let say i have a server name Server and workstations name "client A to client Z" if i just want to send a file and overwrite it to the current client A and B and C.... is it possible? 2) i have patch file name abc.exe and want to apply to certain client (same as question 1.... eg- client a,b,c). how would the batch file looks like? like the above batch code that u post? thanks for ur reply and help....
  7. help me with networking...10q

    yea.... can u sent to me?
  8. anyone use ieradicator b4?

    anyone use ieradicator b4 to remove ie from win98?? if yes, do u guys suffer from any problem?? or no problem at all
  9. help me with networking...10q

    abit complicated for me.... mayb a bit more details or some other simple solution?? i dont mind if i t take longer to apply or watever as long as i been able to control using a server to send those files to those pcs.... 10s for reply
  10. help me with networking...10q

    how bout other update?? let say patches for games.... i remember once a command in dos..... those box r running win98....
  11. ok let say i have 10 pcs.... i want to update some patches to them. how can i do it on a server connected to them??
  12. shutdown/restart wtf

    yeah! thanks aaronxp u r superb
  13. shutdown/restart wtf

    did u install the motherboard correctly? there is a chance that the motherboard is not installed properly. what i mean is when u put ur mobo to the casing, did u put any "stand" (sorry for my bad english) to hold the motherboard? check if the stand is installed properly. once before, i having the same issue and after several days, finally i realise that two of the "stands" causing some static electricity that my mobo restart instead of shutdown! p/s: cant really describe the whole situation because of my bad english
  14. shutdown/restart wtf

    yeah, did u build ur pc?
  15. shutdown/restart wtf

    go here