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  1. I have a NF4 Ultra D - the exact same board as you, and I'm using the latest beta bios from DFI street.Same board as you, and definately the latest and greatest bios.. So no, your board will still act exactly as I said it will, because mine does I never said you can't choose which to boot from.. If ripken hits escapre during post, hell, he can choose to boot from an ipod if he wants! the point was, in the drive lettering, pata gets detected before sata. I have the same board, and I boot from a raptor, with a pata drive in my sys, but I have to disable to pata to install to the raptor as C:/
  2. when using XP, I reboot the machine by typing WIN>U>R , and shutdown by typing WIN>U>U. Due to the new shutdown menu, this is no longer possible, so I was wondering if there is any way to shutdown with a few simple keystrokes? I realise I could make some bat files, but I miss doing the above key sequences
  3. run 'services.msc', scroll down to the bottom, right click Windows Time, properties, stop and disable. for ther bios: 1) go to http://support.asus.com/download/download....32-MVP%20Deluxe 2) download newest bios 3) download bios updater (in bios utilities) 4) run the tool and update! you might wanna check your harddrive isn't running in PIO mode.. make sure it's ULTRADMA. you can check this in your bios, or in device management under IDE controllers. you need to set it in BIOS if it's running in PIO mode
  4. how do you mean? Gaming wise, or hardware wise? If you want gaming/console news, check out http://console.hardocp.com/ and http://www.gamespot.com and http://games.slashdot.org/ both hardocp and gamespot have console forums
  5. thanks a lot guys I'd already disabled all the obvious ones that pretty much carried over from XP, but the list is quite helpful Has Nuhi already got this info? I presume so Warranty's are there for a reason.. doesn't stop me poking around with my hardware I tweak, therefore I am
  6. Your IDE drives will be placed infront of SATA drives, no matter how you set the boot drive preferences you mean to boot from? yes, of course. but even if you set your bios to boot from a sata drive, it will not be C:/ if you have any pata harddrives in your machine. If you install onto the sata with the pata disabled, then it will be C:/, and will remain C:/ when you re-enable the pata. but if you boot into windows setup with both PATA and SATA drives enabled, then even tho you will be able to install to the sata drive, you will end up having your system on D:/ or E:/ or however many drives you have.
  7. uvmain

    nForce 5.1

    If I could use the realtek drivers with nVmixer I would, but I'm a fanboy.. I fell in love with nvmixer since my first nf2 board with onbaord Soundstorm Anywho, 5.1 seems to be working perfectly, but only for 5.1 sources.. all the films I've encoded output to 5.1, but the drivers no longer clone stereo sources to the rear channels. I guess it's only a minor inconvenience, and I don't get BSODs from nvmcp.sys since the pci root driver update.
  8. uvmain

    nForce 5.1

    @duceyaj: thanks, but I hate the realtek drivers I'm also using analogue. @bluppfisk: yup.. I'm using nvmixer right now If you go to your winXP drivers, and install 'Setup.exe' from the 'AudioUtl' folder, then navigate to C:/program files/Nvidia/nvmixer, and set nvmixer.exe to run in winXP compatability mode. This has worked fine for me since beta1
  9. any chance you could tell us the error msg? I've installed XP over a Vista install many times so far, using the Disk Manager during Windows Setup to delete the partition and then make a new one.
  10. 1) you're wrong http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AT_Attachment 2) the ide *can't* be a master/slave/anything with the adaptor.. it'll be recognised as a SATA drive, and sata doesn't even HAVE master/slave
  11. it doesn't matter if you have your IDE drive on primary master or secondary slave or whatever.. IDE will always come before sata, so your IDE will be C:/ and your sata will be D:/ this annoyed me so much that I stuck My last PATA drive into our downloadserver, and just went all SATA you can get round it by disabling the PATA drive in bios before installing, and that way your sata drive will be C:/ just remember to re-enable it once windows is installed.. otherwise, even though it is disabled in bios, windows will still see it, but in PIO mode (very slow transfer rates) that is, unless you disable the IDE channel entirely Until you can be bothered/can afford another SATA drive, just disable it in bios before an install, install to the SATA C:/, then reenable the drive. This worked for me for the few months where I had both kinds of drive *EDIT* you could get one of these http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/SATA-To-IDE-Ultra-AT...bayphotohosting I've bought computer stuff from this guy before, incredibly cheap, and it works
  12. rofl I'm thinking he's gonna get some neg feedback
  13. any non-native resolution will look like mud on an LCD! CRT or maybe plasma would be your best bet.. unless you have an LCD that's 1920x1080 ;P good luck!
  14. if you had both drives in the machine, then Vista may have put the bootmgr onto your 60 gig. the new drive needs to come before the old one (ie primary master, or sata1), because Vista puts the bootmgr onto the first disk. If this is so, you'll need to swap the drive's ports, and repair the install. If this is not the case, then have you tried Disk Manager rather than trying through explorer to format?
  15. boot into XP, and look at the root of each disk/partition, to see which partition bootmgr is on? I've had problems previously with Vista sticking the bootmgr on a different drive, and the olny way was to disable all other drives during installation, so it had no choice which drive/partition to stick it on
  16. sata 2 drives have no need for speed jumpers.. they are backwards compatible with the SATA 150 chipset. you will lose the 3GB theoretical thrughput, and you will lose NCQ if your drive supported it. It's like the difference between PCI-E x8 and x16.. There is no hardware that can push that much bandwidth, so you will notice no difference whatsoever, unless your drive would be able to do NCQ under SATA 3GB.
  17. It will be exactly the same speed it will have the same theoretical throughput as a sata drive, but this is besides the point.. the drive will still transfer data at exactly the same speed. If you have both an IDE and a SATA drive, your system will place the IDE before the SATA - IE the only way you can make the sata drive the boot disk and C:/ is to disable the IDE drive before using Windows Setup. If you use a 'sirilell' IDE>SATA adaptor, then both drives will be seen as sata disks.
  18. I did just waiting til I have enough cash for a second/third one to raid together I'm running out of drives for OS's!
  19. it sounds more like a corrupt SP2 download to me you could get an SP2 disk from a torrent site.. there's probably hundreds.. and then install with your legit key?
  20. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAID in it's simplest form, RAID combines 2 or more drives, to make '1' drive that has faster throughput.. basically, If you have 2 drives in raid, then it will look like one drive, but ever file is split into two.. so each drive has half the file. therefore, it only takes half the time to read or write that file. tbh, you're not going to see much of a difference between SATA and PATA speedwise.. sata has a much, much higher theoretical throughput (3GB/S), but you're never going to hit that sata drives are newer tho, so you're more likely to find that newer sata drives have a larger cache, and therefore a performance increase. Wiki has all the info you need Two main reasons converted me to SATA.. 1) I wanted a Raptor 2) My case is much tidier with the smaller cables, and it may just be perceptual, but has better airflow. 3) I wanted a Raptor
  21. no problem using an NF4 beta bios myself what's the stock speed for an FX 60? I got my 3700 from 2.2 to 2.8 gigs.. but I have half the cores you have
  22. sorry, but that's just FUD. Vista installs to SATA drives perfectly fine without the need for drivers.. The same as XP does. The only time you'll need drivers is if you are installing to a RAID array.. and this goes for PATA as well as SATA. When Vista asks for drivers, unlike XP which needs a floppy, setup will let you search all detetcted devices.. including your hard drives, usb drives etc. *NO* drivers or IDE emulation are needed whatsoever to install to a single SATA disk.
  23. the memory score is based on a bandwidth test.. 2 gigs/4 gigs makes hardly any difference. are your ram sticks in the coreect slots to enable dual channel? that would up your score.. also, if your ram was overclocked, then when you put in a new stick, it would run at SPD (default) settings until overclocked.. and therefore bring down the score by causing a bottleneck. try lowering the timings in bios.. and make sure they are actually running at the same speed check that (if your board supports) they are in dual channel also
  24. sure is, but it's in alpha stage, so don't expect any UA or intergration yet http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=87075 man msfn is loading slow today :/
  25. I'm using Radmin, and it's working fine.. windows firewall maybe? *edit* just saw you checked the firewall..

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