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  1. Ok, heres the setup, My vista pc and my xp pc are connected via ethernet to a linksys wireless-g router, running dd-wrt firmware (but I doubt thats the problem). Anyways, I've worked and worked. And so far all I can do is SEE the xp pc in the full view of the network in the network and sharing center in vista, and I can SEE the vista pc in the "Entire Network" properties in XP. However. The XP machine cannot be seen in the "Networked Devices" in vista, and it cannot be accessed from the full-view map either. And the vista pc cannot be accessed from the XP machine because it says I don't have the privileges to do so. So in Vista, the network and sharing center is in private with file and public sharing on along with network discovery.In XP I set up the network and had a couple of files shared. My network knowlege is limited, but this wasnt a problem before, a couple months back before I formatted the XP machine, the wireless network was ok, and the few times I connected the ethernet, it worked well. So is there anyway I can see both pc's on both ends and access each from the other? Is thereA guide or something I didnt notice on google? HepME Please!? Thanks in advance. EDIT: I tried to access the xp machine from vista using //PC_NAME, and I connected...I think, well it asked for a password, and, i NEVER set a password, so when I enter anything, it just says the same thing when the xp machine tries to connect to the Vista machine, I don't have access, or enough privileges or such. Help please.
  2. Ok,I wil try that now. EDIT: WONDERFUL!! It worked beautifully, I totally forgot how it felt to have explorer up on startup, lol. Thanks alot for your help. Very very very much.
  3. Well, like I said, I really wish I could do that. But I cant for one system restore wasnt turned on at the time and wasnt turned on until a week or so later (for some reason vista never turned it on for me when I first installed.)
  4. Hi, I just installed Parallels and it's working wonderfully, but the guest OS (XP) cant connect to the net. When I went to inspect everything, I ended up in the Vista network and sharing center. Its shows that the parallels host-guest virtual nic is showing up as a public Unidentified Network, I then try to use the ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) service under my main network connection but when i try to activate it, I get: An error occurred when trying to enable ICS. Error code (null) No matter what I tried I kept getting this error. I also tried applying it in the virtual nic (unidentified network) and it works, but, since its virtual, it leads no-where, so no net. Does anyone know why I'm getting this "null" error, or can anyone help me sort out this problem. Please. Thanks.
  5. Hmm, the only remote software I have is VNC server, and that has been with me since I first installed Vista. The only astranged software that a family member has installed as of late, was some MAC address thing that, according to her, changed the mac address everytime windows loaded, but I couldnt find any trace of it (and now everytime the pc goes to sleep the network dies and I have to fully restart) Its a bit ways off to try a system restore, is there anyway I can Resolve this? Ive tried the repair from the disk, no luck. Also. It wasnt windows defender giving me the message about winlogon.exe, But actually the UAC, I disabled the UAC and rebooted, but this time, no messages no nothig. Explorer.exe still wouldnt start now there just wasnt any message...just a blue screen with my mouse, so as usual, I manually started it.
  6. I'm sorry for bumping this, but I cant find a solution ANYWHERE please, is there anyon e who knows how I can get the windows explorer to start on system startup. Please.
  7. Hey all. I'm having a bootup problem. I'm running vista x86 ultimate. And recently, everytime I boot up the pc, windows defender asks to allow winlogin to work, i click ok and it goes to a black screen...just there, so i ctrl+alt+del, and manually start explorer with the task manager and everythings fine. Thats my only major problem right now, along a few visual problems. But Ive been using vista fr a lLONG while now and this is the first major problem i've had, Any help?
  8. Hey man, I thank you for the help, I was on that road, but I fixed it lol. I (somehow) installed XP, got this program, vista boot pro, and it said that none of the boot files? pointed to a drive and I couldnt edit them. So I created a new vista boot and pointed it to the old vista drive..didnt work so well still wouldnt boot, but now the problem was simplified. I ran the installatin disk and ran the repair, and loe and behold It fixed the problem, vista loaded up running the chkdsk utility and then here I am typing this back into vista. THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO HELPED ME!. I wont soon forget this, lol.
  9. *sigh* Well, like I said, NO other OS will load...at all...no other hd with any other os will load, the only things that load are the vista install cd (when sata channel is turned off which is useless cuz all my drives are SATA), xp and linux distros, but xp cant install for some reason and linux wont detect MY SATA drives.
  10. Wow...umm....thats wonderful, but I tried the F8 function at first, leads me to a message about windows cant boot bacuase of a missing boot file location, thats the problem, NOTHINg will work. Thanls for the tip though.
  11. K, I did some checking, and the vista cd WILL boot ONLY when I turn off the SATA channels, thats the only time the disc will load, Is there a way I can fix that?
  12. Acronis Disk Director Suite usually messed up any vista instalatin I had, thats why I stopped using it (although I love it besides the no vista support), and if possible, maybe you could point me to where I could find out how to do the other options u mention?....
  13. K, the vista dvd WONT START like i said, it goes to the windows loading bar but freezes after that. I tried changing my Hard Drive, and after the windows loading bar I got the mouse cursor, but thats it. Is there nothing else I can try, I cant get anything AT ALL.
  14. K, Here it is shortened. Vista Partition running out of space, decide to expand partition, in-guilt vista partition software wont EXPAND my Vista patition, search for partition software elsewhere, see some people looking for partition software also but no big worries noted, see some persons claiming the only thing to work is Gnome partitioner LiveCD, I decide to try it, it expands my partition, but now windows cant boot, had a second install of vista somehow, load it but wont....load, try Vista CD, gets to loading bar like the vista install, but doesnt boot. So, cd wont boot, secondary install wont boot, and primary install CANT boot. Is there anyhelp for this cuz the install cd itself wont load up past the Windows loading bar, so i cant even format or install another trial just to recover my stuff. Help? Just realized thats not so much short as it could be confusing, any advice though?
  15. After a couple flights I realized that using the keyboard is not a very good choice in the use of this software. My question is for all those people who's played the game. What do you suggest I do, dish out the cash for a nice Joystick, Or get a game pad, or should I just get an actual 'gaming' keyboard (im using the standard one that came with the old pc) which should I go with?
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