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  1. right click>update driver>search online? tho tbh, it sounds more like a bios error than an OS error.. what motherboard do you have?
  2. works fine in RTM without needing to install the stpd drivers seperately anyone know if Alcohol 120 works yet? last time I tried (Beta2), It caused a looping BSOD, so i'm a bit wary about trying it as I cba reinstalling just yet
  3. uvmain

    Windows version

    if you just want to see your version/build number, run 'winver' from the run command if you want the ver/build number permanently on your desktop, iirc it's just a reg entry that needs editing.. try searching through the 'windows xp' forum rather than the nlite forum?
  4. silently install .net first? or the nlite runtimes.. you need one or the other
  5. uvmain

    nForce 5.1

    I updated the nf4 pci root hub drivers, as the driver was on WU, and it seems to have fixed my nvmcp BSODs nforce audio drivers are still shoddy tho.. stereo isn't being cloned to the rear channels as it is in XP. my system in general seems a lot more stable with the updated pci root driver
  6. w00ts! I miss the forums for just a day, and today I wake up with a new toy to play with Fantastic work Nuhi!
  7. there *is*, because I never have that option. but I always rip pretty much everything out from my XP install, so I couldn't tell you what the option is here's my lastsession.ini if you want to compare LAST_SESSION.INI
  8. lol wtf.. 18 posts in and you're already trying to p**s off the forum members? seriously.. it's easy to do in windows, and it's an obvious setting in nLite. If you decide to learn some manners in the near future, people around here will be much more inclined to help!
  9. ok.. I'm a bit tipsy, but wth.. Moonhouse.. stfu. Nuhi.. you da man! seriously, Vista has been out for a day or two to TAP members and the like.. nLite for Vista cannot be anything more than Alpha right now, and if it is.. then Nuhi is a greater programmer than I think there is *no* way Vista will ever be 0.01GB.. XP (at a functional level) can be reduced to about 120 megs, and Vista has many more core files, larger core images, more librarys, the list is endless. Just let the app develop at whatever pace Nuhi seems fit, because lord knows no-one else is gonna do it. And if you feel like nLite for Vista will never meet your requisite needs.. then so be it. There's a thousand other people using nLite that are looking forward with the utmost anticipation for a Vista version of nLite. Nuhi.. all the Kudos, man take all the personal hits, shove em in a box, and then pile all the thanks you get from people that actually give a s*** on top of the box
  10. just post in the Vista forum.. although you just admitted to using a warez version, so i'm not too sure how much help you'll get my 2cents.. the mods in these forums don't like warez talk
  11. easy right click the start menu, click on properties. The first option it gives you is a choice between 'start menu' or 'classic start menu'. choose classic.. done!
  12. my username is always 'uv' - ie 2 chars - and I always have admin privelages, since about 6 versions of nLite ago.
  13. wth? how are you missing ipx in Vista? and also.. what has this got to do with nLite? why not post in the Vista forum? I haven't even found a way to remove IPX in Vista yet, so I have no idea how it's missing.. but you're posting in entirely the wrong forum You'll get a much more positive and helpful response if you post in the Vista forums
  14. nLite gives you 4 options for prefetch: 1: disabled - no prefetch 2: boot only - speeds up boot times 3: app only - slows down boot times, speeds app, launch time 4: boot and app - sppeds up app time, and boot time obviously, option 4 will incur a slower boot due to applaunch prefetch. but if only boot prefetch is used, the system will boot faster. It all depends which option you choose.. I personally use and would recommend Boot Prefetch only. In this instance, Grofluigi is right. If he is talking about Prefetch enabled to the vanilla XP default, boot *can* still be slightly quicker.. it depends on how much crap you have installed.
  15. same here.. sfc sucks so much. I enjoy using edited system files, and I hate being pestered by my OS when it tells me something has changed.. I changed it! I guess it's more an option for power users.. I'd keep it if I wsas nLiting my mum's install
  16. 1 gig could be enough.. depends what you use your machine for. iirc, xp used around 250 megs o' ram.. this would leave 750 megs in your system for use before it starts paging.. if you start paging textures whilst playing a game, that game is gonna chug to the max. I find that even with two gigs, this option can have its downside.. for instance, whilst using photshop. PS just loves to eat all the RAM it can but with two gigs, it's nt often that a game can chew up 1.7gigs, so disabling kernel paging isn't hurtful maybe i'll take out one of my 1GB sticks, and see if it has much of an effect.
  17. uvmain

    nForce 5.1

    done, and done been watching the nvidia ftp for a few days now
  18. gutted.. all this time I never reported a bug! I started at beta1, but all my bugs were to do with dodgy third party drivers, so I never thought it prudent to report them. Now i'll have to pay when it's released
  19. anyone else running vista on an NF4 board? my board (DFI LP UT NF4 Ultra-D) has 7 channel Karajan audio, which works fine with the nForce audio drivers and nvmixer. whilst I have managed to get 5.1 working, Vista bluesreen when I try and push audio through the device. This does not happen if my drivers are set to stereo. Can anyone else replicate this? I can't believe the drivers actually on the RTM disk BSOD when in 5.1 - bit lame really :/
  20. uvmain


    fraid I can't exactly answer your question, but why not just integrate dotnet 1+2 into your nlites? then you'll never need the runtime. tbh, I don't understand why ppl install the alt runtime rather than dotnet.. dotnet being a resource hog is just balls.. it's like saying DX is a resource hog. it's just a library.
  21. if you have a computer with 2 gigs of ram, which pretty much everyone i know does nowadays (except for my parents), you'd getter a larger speed increase from loading the kernel into ram, or whatever the option is actually called in the nLite tweaks. with both of these options, windows not only boots quicker, but is much more responsive when alt-tabbing between apps and Explorer. Every little helps
  22. not if UAC is on.. they won't have the privelages, and you could easily remove 'run' from the start menu and disable the winkey it's just the same as XP, with added ease for ppl with admin privelages
  23. Ta Nuhi only just read this after I booted into a fresh 32bit install I'll try it some other time
  24. just installed Vista x86, as I decided I hate x64 until there's a way to stop the OS from forcing driver signatures, and Flash works on the fresh install! So I guess MS included it in the install, but only for 32bit.
  25. when swapping out the mobo, you should uninstall all chipset drivers first i've managed to use the same install before swapping mobo's, but that was swapping between nf2 boards.. ie the same chipset you wouldn't keep forceware drivers installed when swapping out to an ATI card.. the same applies.

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