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  1. I finaly found the problem. Changed from IDE to RAID and then installed Vista and it worked. Thanks Anyway.
  2. That's not the problem. The problem is that every time i restart my PC it doesn't boot to windows. It stays in a black screen. But if i turn off the PC and turn it on again it boot's normaly.
  3. Hello! I'm having a strange problem on every PC HP Compaq dc7800p Small Form Factor that is: I have tried installing Windows Vista Basic or Business and it installs well with no problem but without installing any thing else i restart windows and whe HP logo apears and then at the next part the screen stays black and doesn't pass that part and some times it starts to restart by it self every time with out going to windows and if i turn off the PC and turn it on it goes to windows normaly. I've tried installing every driver from HP page and still no solution. I've updated the bios and still the same problem. And even conctacted HP and they can't help because it's not there original CD that i'm using. Can anybody please help. Thank you!
  4. Hello!!! I'm having a serious problem with my PC at work, when the PC start's up it doesn't show all the icons near the clock. This started happening a few days ago, before it worked well. Some icons like he Logmein icon, the green arrow that's used to remove salfy the pendrive doesn't show when i put a pendrive put the pendrive opens and some other icons. If i install Anfibia Deskman SE v7.0 it makes the icons show again at start up but it does changes that i don't want. I think this problem started when we tried out 1st Security Center Pro. I've tried installing 1st Security Agent, 1st Security Center Pro and others to try and clear all restictions but nothing works. Is ther a way to fix this problem? Thank You!!!
  5. Thank You very much for that information. What about Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition v10.2.199, is this one any good? It doesn't look as heavy as the other Norton antivirus.
  6. Hello!! I would like to know of some very good antivirus for Windows XP Pro x64, like Norton or McAfee (Including both of these 2).
  7. But i don't have t change anthing on the motherboard, windows or Harddrive right?
  8. Hello!! I have a ASUS P5P800 SE motherboard that has only SATA1 and i would like to know if i can use a SATA2 HardDrive on it with no problems? Thank You!!!
  9. Is there a way to hide a PC on a network, even when i type \\name_of_the_PC on execute or on the address bar, like it show's on the image? Thank You!!!

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