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  1. Hi I have 2 partition on my HD, I install Vista on partion C and install couple softwares on partition D, now I have format Vista and install XP on partition C. How can I delete the software on partition D, cause most of them dont work anymore. They dont have an uninstall file in folder and cant see them in XP uninstaller. Also I cant install them on C ,gives my error message. Next time Im better installing soft on the same patition as windows, rigth ? Thanx
  2. The problem come when it try to format or quick format, it start and then tell me that it can't
  3. I'm assuming that you want to get rid of Vista and use the partition its presently on to install XP....right? If so, you will need to delete the partition Vista is on first, then create a partion, then format that partition. Yes this is exactly what I want to do, but cant get rid of Vista, windows wont format my partition
  4. Ok now I have to go back on XP, I have couples software that does'nt work under Vista. I tryed to incorporated the driver on my windows cd but wont work, that was my first attemp for slipstream, and I dont really understand how. Im really tired of this crap
  5. You'll either need to repartition or use the XP CD to boot up to the recovery console That what im trying but, it wont format, there is an error message, but that was yesterday night at home, now im at the office and cant remember exacly what was the error message
  6. well I dont have a XP partition, I want to replace vista by XP My first problem was that(http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=86684&st=0&gopid=589978entry589978), I cannot install XP on my SATA HD, because it was saying that VAIMRAID.sys (.cat .inf) is missing just before installing Windows , I know that those files are on the driver disk but windows dont know how to find it, so after pulling all my hair many time I try Vista and it instal perfeclly without the driver problem, but now I have couple of my main program that I use that dont work under vista. So I want to take the vista partition to try other version of XP but now I cannot format the vista partition, im really p***ed off
  7. Hi I'm trying to format my vista partition with a XP cd and it does'nt work. How can I format the disk now. Anybody has this problem.
  8. Finaly, I download Windows Vista and it work, so I will forget XP
  9. Well this is a little bit beyond my understanding. I Will try it tonight
  10. I try to make a driver floppy disc from my original motherboard CD, VIA website and asus website and they all did the same problem. So I dont think is a misconsstruct from all of those.
  11. I'm assuming that you already picked your RAID driver using F6 during text-mode setup? Yes
  12. My motherboard is Asus A8VE-SE, my HD is a weston digital SATA II 250g, When I try to install windows after I format, it says viamraid.srv, viamraid.inf, and viamraid.cat is missing, I know that they are in the driver from the floppy disk (made by motherboard CD) but windows cant take them. I also try with the driver from via and asus website, same problem. Also in my bios I cannot see my Hard disc, dont know if is an issue. Ive been trying to find out from other post whitout succes. I spent couple days on this problem, my next step is to trow the HD in the wall. Thank for your help

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