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    I saw this in google a couple days ago, scared the heck out of me. Imagine if this came out of the computer one day! -gosh untitled.bmp
  2. gosh


    This is my favorite video of the year. Good music, great video. -gosh
  3. That isn't advice. Look at the windows update.log file for an error code and search google on it. Or delete program files\windows update folder. Run sfc /scannow. -gosh
  4. Use the build folder on the OPK cd. The OPK help file shows how to build winpe. -gosh
  5. that tool is cdimage just renamed. It supports all the commands cdimage uses. Search the site for the exact command to make a non-all upper case image. -gosh
  6. Do what i did: use reget deluxe. It opens like 15 connections with the server. This way i was able to download the network install in about 20 mins. -gosh
  7. i got an idea - WHY DOESN'T SOMEONE MIRRORS THE NETWORK INSTALL. I'm only getting 4k/sec on the network install, even though my connection is 1.5 mbps. -gosh
  8. http://download.microsoft.com/download/4/2...WFINF_Guide.doc Good document shows you how to modify sp2's firewall inf. The article says you need to resign the inf, but i'll see if you can get away with not signing it. -gosh
  9. It would be easier to use msconfig to restart all the services, or use defltwk.inf to restore the default services. -gosh
  10. i don't understand what you are trying to do. Longhorn's winpe is the same as any other winpe. The only difference is the shell. If you want longhorn's winpe just boot from cd then copy the BOOT or whatever it's called to the hard drive. -gosh
  11. winnt.exe doesn't support the /makelocalsource command, only winnt32.exe does. -gosh
  12. post setupapi.log and use the reg hack to have more verbose setupapi logging. -gosh
  13. my install4.inf has devmgr show details and another string. -gosh
  14. I could be wrong, but i think that relates to the boot.ini. I'm pretty sure it forces xp to use the bios to find the boot partition or something. The boot.ini usually finds the partition by the partition number, that would force XP to use signatures to find the OS. I hope that answers your question. -gosh
  15. ntoskrnl.exe is already in dosnet.inf, the other 2 files you don't need. -gosh
  16. DisableEFS http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=288579 -gosh
  17. This is something i just wrote to remove theme support in XP. I haven't tested it so it might not work. To make it i copied jde's files, although one new thing i did is remove the directory from txtsetup.sif. Use at your own risk. -gosh RemoveThemeSupportXP.bat
  18. If you're using my method you won't be using winnt32.exe to install windows. Just put the svcpack.inf in the i386 folder, you don't need to edit dosnet.inf or txtsetup.sif -gosh
  19. voltaic: If you have a legit key and it's not working, microsoft can always generate you a new one for free. There are some legitimate reasons why the key wouldn't work, such as antivirus enabled in the bios, or using the keypad on the keyboard. -gosh
  20. Unattended for 2003 is the same as xp. The only differences i've put in gosh.msfnhosting.com/server2003.htm -gosh
  21. are you using a cracked version of ERD? I know some group released a crack version that missed a bunch of stuff. -gosh

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