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  1. URGENT:: Drivers needed for KOB 810 DSMT

    Hopefully this is what you are looking for.
  2. CDROM Refresh Trouble

    Are both of you by chance using alcohol120%? I noticed this behavior after installing that app.

    seems to me that you are using the wrong switches for hotfix 819696. It is telling you the correct switches to use. use /Q /O /N /Z instead of /Q:A /R:N
  4. few unexplained errors

    You are creating a user called --> loacalhost the user you want to create (i think) is --> localhost You have an extra a in the net user command also, you mention that it is still prompting you to input users on 1st bootup? make sure you have this under your [unattended] section in winnt.sif. This will keep the oobe from running which is repsonible for that portion of setup. UnattendSwitch="Yes"
  5. Services.exe

    Check out the link below relating to your problem http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?kbid=328885
  6. try making a batch file to do the deletions that you will call from cmdlines.txt By doing this you allow yourself to use variables (which aren't accepted in the cmdlines.txt file). I also have better luck using the rd command over the rmdir, but that shouldn't make any difference i wouldn't think. Good luck
  7. External Enclosure PROBLEMS!

    Seems to me like thier is a problem with the specific enclosure you are using. If it works for a few days then stops working, but the hard drive works fine by itself, the enclosure is bad. You said you RMA'd the last one since it was doing the same thing? I would suggest trying a different brand or model.
  8. Kernel32.dll

    Could be a scratch on the media or a corrupted file (since the file is there, it's just not being recognized). Try burning the disk again and see if that helps. Good luck.
  9. Hidden Systemfiles

    The syntax is wrong. To enable showing system files, change the above to the code below and it should work [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced]"ShowSuperHidden"=dword:00000001 Hope this works for you.
  10. Help with unattended Hotfixes

    are youjust opening the hotfixes with winRAR or someting similar? Some of the hotfixes do not show all the files contained within them when using this method. Run the hotfix with the /e (i think /e is right) in order to extract the hotfix. Hope this works for you
  11. Copy a file

    This statement could be a litte misleading. Simply placing the file within the $OEM$ folder structure does not garauntee that the file will be copied over to the systemdrive. This would only happen if OEMPreinstall=Yes in the winnt.sif/unattended.txt file.
  12. The problem you are having with having to type the password in everytime is that you are encrypting the administrator password. If you want to login the Administrator automatically 4 times like your file shows, do not encrpyt the admin password. Good luck.
  13. New Hot Fixes : Problem with Q831167

    xpcreate sorts hotfixes numerically(ascending) by the .cat file inside the hotfix. Just make sure to run IESP1 update prior to the new hotfix. modify your svcpack.inf file to make sure that 831167 is run after 832894. That should fix your problem. Another solution would be to repackage the 831167 and place it into the svc-msx folder. Not sure if xpcreate would still sort it by the .cat when place in that folder, but the folder description indicates that all the files dropped in svc-msx are run AFTER the hotfixes. So, you have a couple of ways to work this out. Let us know how it turns out. Blyster
  14. correct. Aditional sections with the same heading can be used with no problem. i.e. Having two seperate instances of the [sCSI] heading will work
  15. Adding users to group problem

    try using net localgroup Administrators "UserName" /addhopefully that will work for you