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  1. I recently updated my mru.inf, it's much better now. Added is the ability to instantly delete files and folders. Let me know what you guys think. -gosh MRU.INF
  2. Every week someone replies to this thread. I don't mind because it keeps the thread alive. But im wondering, where are you guys getting this thread from? Are you guys finding this thread from my website? -gosh
  3. It's undocumented so obviously i don't know. -gosh
  4. Here's a registry tweak you guys will actually use. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced Start_ShowOEMLink - Create a dword with a value of 1 or 0 to hide the OEM Link on the start menu. I don't think this is documented anywhere. There's also Start_ShowSetProgramAccessAndDefaults, set it to 0 to not show the Set programs... in start menu. This tweak has been documented. S.t.a.r.t.M.e.n.u._.S.t.a.r.t._.T.i.m.e - this isn't documented either -gosh
  5. All that does is disable activex control id's. IE updates already do this. Since it only blocks previous spyware, if a new spyware came out today it wouldn't stop it. After time, the list of spyware would become outdated. -gosh
  6. This will scan every directory and make a big .m3u playlist of all your mp3's -gosh create_m3u.vbs
  7. These are scripts not registry hacks, but what the heck. This vbs will make a .m3u playlist out of the current folder. Put it in your SendTo folder. When you want to make a playlist out of a folder, simply right click on the folder and go to send to > whatever.vbs -gosh blah.vbs
  8. It should be on there twice =x -gosh
  9. I was looking through sp2's msgina.dll looking for something. Here's the registry hacks i found, most aren't documented. They go under the winlogon key. Also, msgina has code referencing winbrand.dll, that has the media center and tablet pc logos. There's also a registry key that says brand, you could probably customize the logon screen using it. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon ForceFriendlyUi R.e.s.t.r.i.c.t.S.h.e.l.l NoDomainUI http://groups.google.com/groups?q=nodomain....phx.gbl&rnum=1 Set it to a dword of 1 to force full domain username OptimizedLogonStatus - new to sp2? NextLogonCacheable http://mrcorp.infosecwriters.com/Reverse_Engineer.htm S.o.f.t.w.a.r.e.\.M.i.c.r.o.s.o.f.t.\.W.i.n.d.o.w.s. .N.T.\.C.u.r.r.e.n.t.V.e.r.s.i.o.n.\.W.i.n.l.o.g.o.n.\.C.u.s.t.o.m.B.r.a.n.d.\ m.s.g.i.n.a.:. .R.e.t.u.r.n.T.o.W.e.l.c.o.m.e...L.o.g.o.n.T.y.p.e...B.a.c.k.g.r.o.u.n.d.....f.D.e.n.y.T.S.C.o.n.n.e .c.t.i.o.n.s. DontPaintText connecthomedirtoroot http://www.tburke.net/info/regentry/topics/93508.htm tsforceupn - cache's terminal service? http://www.psag.de/NEWSMAIL/ARCHIV/Datenba...asp?Artikel=872 uihoststatic -gosh
  10. turn off reasons http://www.microsoft.com/technet/treeview/..._predefined.asp DisableStatusMessage http://www.microsoft.com/windows2000/techi...entry/91524.asp -gosh
  11. It's well known you can use the [shell] section of an answer file to specify a theme (which in turn specifies the msstyle). But until now, there's been no way to manually specify the theme, using a reg hack or other method. I have documented a method to do this - themes Before posting I thoroughly searched this forum and google to see if anyone else found this, but I didn't find anything. I also searched the OPK help file, ref.chm, deploy.chm, winpe docs. I searched on CustomInstallTheme. There have been past registry hacks, but they didn't work. -gosh
  12. Has anyone ever been able to use a custom theme during an unattended install, without using the [shell] section in the unattend file? -gosh
  13. No, I want to put My Computer PANEL on the desktop. Like that: Desktop image From Gosh's personal registry hack vault... I have no idea why anyone would want this. This registry hack will remove the task pane from the desktop, therefore you shoul be able to figure out how to add it. What you are asking for is really a seperate quick launch bar. Make the bar, then export the registry key for the taskbar. -gosh
  14. If your cd key is bad make sure you're using the right key. If volume license then the product key screen will say contact your admin, if OEM it'll say contact oem, if retail it'll say see the sticker on the package. -gosh
  15. On my website i already have pre-hexed files. -gosh
  16. Yesterday someone asked if you could run runonce like runonceex, my reply was no, because there was no Functions in the dll. However that got me thinking. In my system32 folder i have svcpack.dll. If i hex this file, it has the exact format of svcpack.inf. Also hexing it i find this: To me, this is what the dll tells me through a hex editor: 1 - It looks for $winnt$.inf 2 - In $winnt$.inf it looks for the path in DosPath=, this will tell the file where the source files are. 3 - From this pack svcpack.dll looks for svcpack.inf 4 - From svcpack.inf, it looks for the required parameters When i look at svcpack.dll's dependancies i see it has one Function: SvcPackCallBackRoutine. I'm guessing that setup runs this routine, which starts the svcpack.inf processing. The question becomes is there anyway to process svcpack.inf without running setup? From this information i would assume all you need to do is edit DosPath= to the path with your svcpack.inf, then run rundll32 svcpack.dll SvcPackCallBackRoutine. But this doesn't work. My intuition tells me this is possible and im missing something stupid. Does anyone know what im missing? -gosh
  17. Becko: this is a 'post your registry hack' thread, i recommend posting questions in seperate thread, otherwise this thread will have hundreds of pages and newbies will have to look through each page to find tweaks. If you want to remove screen savers, edit shl_img.inf (search the forum). You don't need to edit the registry to install a screensaver (ss), i assume the ss settings in hivedef.inf are custom settings, such as what the scrolling marque ss says. I don't recommend editing hivexxx.inf's because everytime a new service pack comes out you'll have to manually edit these files. You don't say when you are running you tweaks, so i dont know why you can't delete the ss and favorites. I would recommend deleting things like ss and favorites on first boot, in GUI mode. I recommend adding favorites in an unattend file. When you do that the favorites are put in the default user profile, which would fix your problem. Setupmgr will let you do this. -gosh
  18. The way microsoft makes there hotfixes is like this: 1 - a kb article is created to get a kb number (like 307545), basically a dummy article is created. 2 - the hotfix is made and tested, using the kb article number 3 - once testing is done, the hotfix is released and the kb article is written This is why a new hotfix might be a couple months old, and the hotfix number might not be new. Both these things don't neccessarily mean trouble. This is my understanding of the hotfix process, i could be wrong. -gosh
  19. http://download.microsoft.com/download/3/9..._PreRelease.xls -gosh
  20. Thanks climax. Once I test that the script works, I'll add it to my site and give you credit. -gosh
  21. I've never seen that error before so i assume it happened sometime after reducing source. You could edit the SetupSourcePath to point to your hard drive (might need to do \disk1\partition1\ that kind of thing) to have the cd use the source on the hard drive. Or you could install using winpe. -gosh
  22. Batch file or inf? You can use the cdrom for both. The next time i have some free time i'll update my runonceex page to show how to do this. -gosh
  23. I don't know if i or anyone else has mentioned this, but one idea for your unattended install could be to write to the event logs. You could add an event log when setup is done, or you could write event logs as software, registry hacks, etc are installed. write to event log: eventcreate /t information /id 12 /SO Gosh /l application /d "gosh golly" That'll write to the appications event log with title Gosh and message gosh golly. You could add this in your scripts. For example if there's any errors running a script you could put the error in the body of an event log. -gosh
  24. You can't rename the i386 folder (maybe nec98 would work but that's it). -gosh
  25. Sorry i didn't get a chance to reply earlier, MSFN won't allow me to post from work. I don't understand, you're using 3 i386 folders, called pro1, pro2, and pro3? Where is the i386 folder, in the pro folders? It would be easier to use boot folders to boot the cd from. If the CD can't find the eula then you probably have a problem with the setupsourcepath or cd idents. You say you edited txtsetup.sif but didn't say where. If you are using boot folders, you edit the txtsetup.sif in the boot folder, not the i386 folder. Make sure each pro folder has the cd idents (win51ip, win51...) If setup thinks you have an upgrade it's because of the setupsourcepath or cdidents, so again check those. -gosh

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