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  1. baliktad: I'm glad there's another winpe fan on this forum. I agree with you bart's pe builder is very useful, a great resource to use. What experience do you have with winpe? I've used winpe for awhile. First as a recovery means, lately as a way to install win2k and xp. One of my goals is to add features to winpe like nero (bart beat me to it), and recovery tools like r-studio. I've also noticed that michael k yeung and bart use a documents and settings folder for winpe. Do u know how they use this folder to customize the desktop? Please share any ideas you have in the winpe forum. -gosh
  2. File > burn image > select iso file > uncheck 'finalize' or do 'track at once' -gosh
  3. update.exe is the same update.exe used by xp sp1. -gosh
  4. Why not use cdimage? You just type a command for cdimage then youre done. I don't see why people think typing one command is harder than going through nero and configuring everything. -gosh
  5. -zero-: it's a cd ident issue. Make sure the root of the cd has the cd ident files - spnotes.htm, win51,win51ip,etc. My Guide does work, so you must have missed something. -gosh
  6. SP1a's syssetup.inf doesn't have msjava.inf under [infs.always], which is why java isn't installed. You can still download the original sp1 from ms if you need to. http://www.filemirrors.com/search.src?file...psp1_en_x86.exe -gosh
  7. services.inf mru.inf options.inf install.inf - updated How to: Install win2k or XP from WinPE 2 ways to research windows Gosh's homepage older threads: my script.bat file that can make an all in one cd How to: Not install core os componants. my unattend file -gosh
  8. All the video shows is a quick nudity. it was so quick the first time i saw the video i had to rewind it to see it. Calling the video a porno is totally absurd. We live in a time when mtv can show 2 girls kissing, prime time tv can have cussing, but showing a video with 1 second nudity is a porno? Pleaz... -gosh
  9. do u have the cd idents in winxp? Ie win51, win51ip? -gosh
  10. VOL folders should be on the root of cd. I don't think i ever talked about my 2nd menu. My cd also had 10 boot images, such as drive image and norton ghost. You can easily create an .ima file using Winimage. -gosh
  11. This is a file that i've worked on for the past 8 months. The idea of mru.inf is to make a file that will delete any MRU's (most recently used). Deleting all mru's have several advantages: 1 - Using this in sysprep makes sure you don't leave any settings before syspreping 2 - For security, makes sure someone can't see where've you been. 3 - For public computers, so someone can't see your aim name or things like that. 4 - For unattended installs, to clean up. You could also make this a login script in an unattended install. File is not fully tested. What i recommend is looking at your hkey_current_user\software key, and look for any mru's or recent file lists. Add anything you find to the [3rdparty]section. Use with caution! -gosh MRU.INF
  12. For the past 2 weeks i've enjoyed this site but i'm leaving. When i originally came to this site i saw an opportunity to share my wealth of knowledge and experience. Most of what i shared was totally unique stuff that i spent months to years researching and perfecting. In fact, some of my best secrets such as reducing source, i discovered in 2001. Most of what i posted i haven't posted anywhere else, i considered my information priceless. Most people appreciated my work, but of course not everyone was receptive, such as Numinous. For a long time i tried to hold back any of my personal feelings towards him, since i did not want to start a fight. But how can i say nothing when this punk is constantly talking crap to me? This is stuff i've spent YEARS working on. Imagine spending a year on a painting, then showing the painting to people and one person says "oh i could buy something similiar at kmart". How would YOU feel? To give an example of what i mean, see http://www.MSFN.org/board/index.php?showtopic=9713 . This is just one example of similiar conduct by this thug. Like my response says, i thought this was a site to share information. How can i share information when i get replies like that? The next day Numinous posted similiar remarks which i took issue with. I asked the mods to do something; they did nothing. I got no support from anyone, not even empathy. So i ask the question again, how can i share my information when i have to deal with comments from Numinous? How can i share my thoughts and ideas when i get repies like "that kind of stuff can be found in google" ? So rather than trying to deal with this kid, i'm leaving this place and going back to my other sites, sites that respect me. I can't change myself, i can't change Numinous, but i can change the sites i go to. So see you guys later. If you need any help, just ask Numinous, since he's so much smarter than me. Take care, gosh
  13. Why not winpe? It's only 100-150 megs. With winpe you have network access, web access, a limited win32 api, a command prompt,etc. And that's what winpe, just look at the switch to run winpe, it's -minint -gosh
  14. Find some command that returns via specific values. For example, is there a registry key or file only on VIA systems? Like the enum key? I don't know if that info would be in systeminfo.exe, but if it was you could simply do: systeminfo | find "via" > nul if not errorlevel 1 goto viafound That's purely hypothetical, but you see my point. If some program returned a value that showed via was installed, you could use that to search for it. You could also look on the hard drive for a file specific to via. I'm thinking devcon.exe might be useful. -gosh
  15. See my thread on the very subject. Uxtheme is a common subject, you could probably find answer in search. -gosh
  16. With 13 megs you could add stuff such as boot disks, memory testers, drive wipers, partition magic, antivirus. I never mentioned the bootdisks on my last cd, i'll have to explain that later. -gosh
  17. If you want help upload your txtsetup.oem file, plus where you downloaded the drivers if possible. Unfortanetly there's no logging in text mode. Are you using the latest raid drivers? Have you searched google on the raid drivers? And why load drivers from a floppy? I would help you slipstream the raid drivers so you don't need to press f6 when you boot from cd. -gosh
  18. There's only slight differences between win2k and xp unattended installs. Both OS use sysprep. You can use setup mgr to make an unattend file for both os. The main difference between win2k and xp unattended installs is xp has MUCH better documentation. But if you can do an unattended install for win2k, you'll have no problem doing an unattended install for xp or server 2003. -gosh
  19. There's already too many pinned threads already in my opinion, but that could be useful. -gosh
  20. What you want to do is setup a KIOSK. Search google, you'll find registry tweaks to do this. IEAK and policies would be a good way to go. this might help you: http://groups.google.com/groups?q=policy+k....phx.gbl&rnum=6 -gosh
  21. Here's a good article on cmdlines.txt for server 2003 (applies to any nt os) http://www.microsoft.com/technet/treeview/...icb_ui_yext.asp At the bottom it says you have to have oempreinstall=yes, but i don't think that's right =x I've used cmdlines to install hotfixes in the $OEM$ folder before without using an unattend file. -gosh
  22. So the problem was caused by a bad version of dpcdll.dll (i believe the file name is). It's like i said - bad file version or not registered. -gosh
  23. For a minute i felt like that guy in 28 days, where he wakes up and everyone is gone. -gosh
  24. To use cmdlines.txt you put it in the $OEM$ folder. Microsoft's documentation says you also have to have OEMPreinstall=Yes in winnt.sif file, but from experience ive found cmdlines is processed if it's there - xp setup doesn't care if you're using an unattend file or not. I asked microsoft about this behavior once, and they ignored me ;/ example: $OEM$\cmdlines.txt [commands] commandhere.exe -gosh

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