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  1. Just wanted to say that installing McAffe VirusScan on Windows 2003 is possible... for some people didn't recognized it. McAfee VirusScan can be installed in Windows 2003 compatibility mode. Right click the setup.exe -> properties -> compatibility -> set to Windows XP.
  2. DirtDevil


    Open Task Manager and switch to processes to see what more backround services you might have running... System Tray doesn't show them all!
  3. During phase one the installation just copies all files to hard disk. Open dosnet.inf to see which files the dos installation part will copy. Open txtsetup.sif to see where the files get copied to. The first number behind the file declaration will point to the folder. Which number stands for which folder is declared at to top of txtsetup.sif.
  4. Yep, I bet so, too. Why don't you install Windows 2003 and convert it to a workstation. This is even easier to do and less risky...
  5. To find out a system file's version (.dll, .cpl .ax, .exe etc.): -> right click the file -> choose properties -> hit the tab "Version" -> choose file version from elementname
  6. I had this problem times before. Installing DirectX a second time always fixed the problem. Sometimes the registering just gets skipped...
  7. Simple that is... C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe /e,c:\
  8. Didn't think about that... I once had a problem with IE and just reinstalled it. It solved my problem... But this doesn't solve most of the problems... Try to execute these line to uninstall: RunDLL32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection C:\Windows\inf\ie.inf, Base.SysDir.DelFiles RunDLL32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection C:\Windows\inf\ie.inf, Base.AppDir.DelFiles RunDLL32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection C:\Windows\inf\ie.inf, Base.WinDir.DelFiles RunDLL32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection C:\Windows\inf\ie.inf, Base.DelReg Warning: I didn't try this myself... cause I don't wanna uninstall my IE. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't... I hope it does...
  9. Reinstall Internet Explorer? Edit sysoc.inf (C:\Windows\inf\) first. Remove any hide or HIDE. for example: Cluster=clusocm.dll,ClusOcmSetupProc,clusocm.inf,hide,7 --> Cluster=clusocm.dll,ClusOcmSetupProc,clusocm.inf,,7 Now, you can delete the component: Start -> Control Panel -> Software -> Add/Remove Windows-Components look out for Internet Explorer and unselect it. Download Internet Explorer here.
  10. I think you can run Visual Studio on your machine. Maybe you have to use that compatibilty think I mentioned above. Don't know what else you have to do to get it running. I use Visual Studio 2002 and it runs perfectly... To find out which virus scanners support Windows 2003 search the Windows 2003 sub forum. I think it was mentioned there...
  11. I use Windows 2003 almost half a year now and I never had any serious problems. Some drivers do not wanna install because of compatiblity reasons. These drivers recognize a system they were not made for. All you have to do then is: rightclick the executable -> settings -> compatibility and set it to Windows XP. Driver will now install corectly. That's it! Another option would be to install drivers manually via control panel -> hardware detection... Another problem you may experience is that Windows 2003 actually is a server. Some software are made in two different versions, a workstation version and a server version. For example most virus scanner won't install on your machine as they recognize that you are running a server operating system. But you can get alot of information on what scanners will support your system. Beside that I don't know any more difficulties handling Windows 2003. Like I said... I never experienced any real problems. Any problem can be solved easily if you experience some nethertheless
  12. Well, make full unattended installation... it can't get any easier You've got to use Setup Manager: CDRom: SUPPORT\TOOLS\deplay.cab/setupmgr.exe Create your unattended file. Rename unattend.txt to winnt.sif and copy it to the I386 folder. Burn you new compilation...
  13. USetup.exe will guide you through the setup part of the installation. It's the GUI installation part that is started right after windows restarts the for the first time during installation... So it's the modul that applies the setup to Windows. Hope you got it. It's kinda hard to explain for a german
  14. For digital image editing you have to use Macromedia Fireworks. Freehand is a vetcor based editing tool only!
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