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  1. Example User for Demonstration Use

    Hi Benjamin, Checked it, Edited it and tested it and it worked (of course, hey it's the developer ) Thanks for your help. It is still a great program. Only the lack of a good editor UI for the install.ini but for the rest unmissable. Grtz, KoppieKoffie (CupOfCoffee )
  2. Example User for Demonstration Use

    Hi, Yes, Windows XP Home. Also the same on Windows XP Prof. from work. I had this issue earlier and have no idea what i changed to get rid of this. I use WIHU at T-12 to define the appropriate user and shellfolders. I will try with a other languages.ini or install.ini. See if that is the key failure. But I still don't know why in some cases I can define a new user and now I get the comment in the description this is a example user. Strange isn't it.
  3. Example User for Demonstration Use

    Hi, I am currently busy on a dutch translation but also currently coping with a problem which seems very odd. Now of a sudden I get the message when creating a new user account this is a example user for demonstration use. Can please someone elaborate where this is coming from and how I can solve this? Thanks in advance. Greetz from KoppieKoffie (CupOfCoffee )
  4. Small App For Making A config.js

    Opening a config.js would be a prerequisite for even starting to use the tool. I tried everything to import a config but no luck. Looks very nice indeed though!!
  5. No more ? :-(

    .....What Can I say? WIHU is a standard on all my UA cd's and a big hit with everyone who never heard of setup.exe (dad, uncles etc.). Besides the ini file, which is just a bit more work but very straightforward, the rest is ' id*** proof' and that's the whole purpose of this tool right? My apologies for not complaining about the tool on a regular basis CupOfCoffee
  6. Calling WPI

    Am I that of a "id***" that I can't seem to configure to WPI to start??? It's looking for a wpi.wsf in a folder which by his means is a subfolder of wpi.cmd..but that's a file? I don't want WPI at cmdlines.txt but my options are limiting by the virtual install Please where to put wpi.cmd / wpi.hta and the rest of the folders??? Big TIA... KoppieKoffie (CupofCoffee)
  7. Calling WPI

    Bonedaddy just took the words out of my mouth... I also am finding the ways to call wpi but the site is still about install.cmd en wpi.hta.... Anyone can help with some 'id***' proof installation of wpi? TIA.
  8. Favorites

    Daimao, Just to answer your question: You have to fill in the folder name before the link and not in front of the link name. In your case just the other way around :-) Grz.
  9. Need switches for a few video encoding APPS

    Hi There, I'm currently busy with CoverXP. I know the switch for the silent install, /S but still get the question to put a icon on the desktop. So far for CoverXP.. Grt. KoppieKoffie (CupOfCoffee)
  10. manual for WIHU

    Hi my2001, Do you have the pdf in a somewhat easier format to change to english? Making a complete new document is a waist of time (which i don't have at the moment :-) Word doc preferably would do... byby!!
  11. Hallo, i'd like to know how do i use the WIHU

    Ooemph.... As always with the dutch...they can't keep their big mouths shut.... No really, I'll see what I can do. English translation will be my first priority. See ya. B)
  12. Hallo, i'd like to know how do i use the WIHU

    Hi all there, Finally back on a XP2100+ (mobo crash and because of that back to the past...PIII-550) Born and raised in the little country next to Germany (Holland) I will try to find the time to translate any German into Dutch and English. (The dutch think they have natural talent for German... ) If there's animo for my work because my daily work is taking a bite out of my time at the moment.. Do I hear cheers?????
  13. Hallo, i'd like to know how do i use the WIHU

    Hey my2001, It seems so simple but i didn't find your information above anywhere. Now it all makes much more sense... You're keeping you're reputation for providing good documentation also here! And ok no more coffee for me...
  14. Hallo, i'd like to know how do i use the WIHU

    I must agree with Adiel that it is not obvious where to put Wihu in the process of unattended installation. Some say by cmdlines.txt (which doesnt't work here) other....well nothing. For the install.ini part: download a sample and change it to your needs P.S. What's the advantage of having a Users.ini for the newbies?? Greetz, KoppieKoffie (CupofCoffee)
  15. Unattended windows2000

    I will try to see what I can do. I do have one other question that may be you can answer? Putting the winnt.sif in my i386 folder works perfectly fine during my winxp installation but this doesn't seem to work with my win2000 installation. Am I doing something wrong? Am I supposed to delete files in i386 folder to let winnt.sif work?? What can I overlook in this relatively simple process?? Thanks in advance..... Greetz