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  1. No system tray icons! Help! :(

    Well, I think I must have checked a box I shouldn't have during the making of my latest disc! Can someone tell me how I can have my system tray icons back?
  2. What to keep for mobile phone pics?

    Just a quick question -- what components are vital for enabling me to download pics from my mobile phone? Cheers!
  3. Old RyanVM Update Packs?

    Awesome. Thanks for the help guys. I guess it must have been because of an older version of nLite from before the silent update. Either that or a freak bug. Or maybe I'm just stupid. Thanks again!
  4. Old RyanVM Update Packs?

    Will do. Many thanks for the info, I wasn't aware of any silent updates. OK, so let me get this totally straight, I'll be up late now... I can use the 7z version of the update pack exactly as I used to with the .CAB versions? No need to integrate the pack first, then compile nLite'd XP?
  5. Old RyanVM Update Packs?

    Thanks. I tried the integrator and as I said, I ended up with a 1.04GB XP folder.
  6. Old RyanVM Update Packs?

    It didn't work, Mike. I tried, but it got to the integration stage (at the end of the nLite session) and just sat there for 10 minutes doing nothing. I pressed "Cancel" and nLite closed, meaning I'd just wasted the last couple of hours. I wouldn't mind but it's almost 4 am, now I have to start over.
  7. Old RyanVM Update Packs?

    Hallo. Does anyone know where I can download the previous version of RyanVM's update pack? I can't deal with the 7z format because it sucks. I jus spent several hours preparing XP with nLite 1.0.1 and then I found out I can't integrate the pack like I have been doing for the last few years. I'm not happy. I want the CAB version back. I tried integrating the 7z version into my nLite folder (clean XP Pro) and ended up with a 1.04GB folder. This is too confusing, I hate it, please help.
  8. No sound during video playback after nLite 1.0

    Thanks for the reply, James. Well I sorted out the problem, it was my sound card drivers. For some reason they hadn't installed properly. Sorry to blame nLite!
  9. Hi, has anyone else had problems with no sound during video playback after using nLite 1.0? I see the picture but I'm getting no sound at all. I've tried AVI and WMV files. HELP!
  10. www.blkviper.com?

    That's excellent, frizti.
  11. mozilla home page re-design

    Yes, I noticed yesterday. Very nice.
  12. Which Browser Do You Use?

    Firefox. Have been a user since Firebird v0.6.