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  1. Okay... I think I got around the user issue in Home Ed. ... I had to use the OOBEINFO.INI Method instead of the NET USER Method... and it is now working in VirtualPC... time to make some more coasters I'll post with my results.
  2. Recompiled my cd's... again... so far Pro seems to work under VirtualPC still... but Home will not create the account, even though it tries to auto-logon. ...any one else having this issue? ~Dave
  3. How cool... you are the best Bâshrat... what would we do without you?! Any plans for release date? Thanks Again, ~Dave
  4. @BoardBabe... I must be doing something horribly wrong... I still get the same results with your exact code!!! I'm so confused.... Please help! ~Dave p.s. What version of XP are you using? Home or Pro... and OEM or Retail?
  5. Sweet! Thanks Bâshrat!!! ... Also, I have a question now that I know how to make the driver cd... I know that some Device driver installers automaticly search for and install the Unknown device or the correct device (some modem installers for example, or nvidia devices)... is there a way that This DriverCD can be used in that fassion so that people like me that work on computers with missing drivers don't have to manually install missing drivers? or could someone make a installer like above request? Thank You, Dave
  6. more breaking news... i recently discovered that my "full" CD's are registering the account name but there is no icon and doesn't show up under user contol panel. So, when I try to create the account as the same name my script should have it says something like... this user already has permission to use this system ( seems to be some sort of Guest account that I can't logon to unless i run the 'net user /delete' command) ??? baffeled ??? help! ~Dave
  7. thanks sonic, I found what I needed here: http://www.thecomputerparamedic.com/files/rc.iso Thanks for helping ~Dave
  8. I have a strange request, I am creating a utility disk and was wondering if it was possible to add the required files to boot to the recovery console on a non-windows disk. and if not, is there a way that I can make something that will run the FIXBOOT, FIXMBR and CHKDSK /R commands to repair a system that doesn't boot? Any insight is welcome Thanks, Dave Title Edited - Please follow new forum rules from now on -- Martin L
  9. Make sure all of the driver pack files are in your "DriverPacks" folder ... so in your case: C:\BTS\DriverPacks should work then
  10. @BoardBabe: Thanks for the fast reply @OtherworldBob: Lemme know how it works out and if you still are having the same issues.
  11. I've noticed that both your ComputerName & Workgroup both dont have "". I know that you stated that you tried adding them to username, but what about workgroup? and maybe test with a shorter workgroup if that doesn't solve it. let me know how it works. ... and not to hijack the thread, but is it possible to use the random computer name like usually if the owner name is "BOB" then xp usually gives somthing like "BOB-09AGH8" as the computer name... can you use a * to have it auto use the random computer name?
  12. ok... i've had an idea.... here is what I found: I have made 2 versions of all the XP SP2 CD's (I dubbed Lite & Full) My Lite edition just has windows updates slipstreamed, on the other hand, my Full also has BTS driver pack. I have found that my Lite edition works fine with the user creation on both VirtualPC & actual PC's, But my Full edition will only create the account under VirtualPC and NOT an actual PC... even though I use all of the same code files for both the full and light editions.... any other clues to what could be causing it?! Thanks, Dave
  13. Thanks for trying to help Doc, but much to my dismay... it still will not create the Owner account on an actual PC, but on the other hand... it still works in VirualPC.... :-| @BoardBabe: thanks for the input, I will test this code as soon as i grab another spindle of cd's (too many coasters trying to get the logon to work... even though it works in VirtualPC). I will test and let you all know asap how the progress is coming. ~Dave
  14. thats interesting... I never thought that it would be exicuting the code too fast... but when I get off of work tonight I will test it. ... is this how you have your existing code setup? ~Dave
  15. as long as we are on the subject, I am having some issues with this exact thing. I setup my disk to do autocreate & logon to an account called "Owner" but it doesn't seem to create the account even though it tries to logon to the account that it didn't create after windows install is complete.... funny thing is, is that I test all of my CD's out on VirtualPC '04... and it actually creates the account how it should there!... if I burn the same exact image and install on an actual PC... no user account is created! I am trying to create the Owner account with no password... and what I cant figure out is why it would work in VirtualPC but not on a actual PC... all the code is the same. ... I need some help, because I am baffled. here is what my code looks like: net user Owner /add net localgroup Administrators Owner /add net accounts /maxpwage:unlimited REGEDIT /S autologon.reg Thank You, Dave
  16. I have tried searching and all the switches that I can think of and I can't seem to get webshots desktop (webshots.com) to install silently. I need a silent install method that will allow the application to be installed. and once I have that, then i have to copy some existing photos to the webshots data folder. any ideas?
  17. well, i know that i can put in a generic product key, or leave it blank to have it prompt during the normal setup process... but that is not what I am looking for. i would like for something to prompt me before setup starts for the key... so i can "set it, then forget it" or so to say. otherwise the setup will stop half way through and ask for the key... or if i enter a generic key, it will not activate to microsoft when finished... and I have to go through the painfull process of calling microsoft to validate, and I HATE doing that (they have sooo many ID10T errors there, lol). So, anyone have a solution to my predicament
  18. yeah, not really what I was looking for... but thanks for the responce. ... I was hoping it was possible... but I'm thinking not, now
  19. I was wondering if there was a way to pompt for user data (normally in winnt.sif... like product key, username etc.) before the windows setup starts, so that It can all be entered at the same time, rather than prompting in the middle of the install. because I already have a WINNT.SIF (DefaultHide) but I use the disk on many differnet systems with multiple keys and usernames, and would like to save the time and hassel of having to input that info halfway though the setup (when I may be say... helping a customer). thanks for the help ~Dave
  20. I installed a SIS Xabre 200 into a system today, tried to use BTS driver pack and ended up getting a "Device can not start (code 10)" error. i found that installing the latest drivers from the SIS site resolved the issue. (note: BTS has driver from 02/19/2004 ... and SIS latest is 02/18/2004! 1day older?! wierd) Please let me know if this plans to be corrected or not. Thanks, ~Dave
  21. I am currently running a custom Unattended XP cd using BST driver packs and RyanVM's updates... among others. I currently have the cd standing at 698mb... and I have already deleted the LANG and the migrate folders... I am wondering if somebody could help tell me step by step on how i would make a install cd where the RyanVM packs would be on the Main disk... and the BTS packs on a 2nd disk. ... also i would like to know if it is possible (on the same disks), to give the option NOT to install BTS during the install process (for systems that "disagree" with the driver packs). ....... and before everyone starts yelling, "do a search"... i would like to add that, I know it is probably posted... but I have not much free time to sit and search and scrounge code togeather... any help would be GREATLY appreciated ~Dave
  22. when/how do you apply these reg tweaks? (probably a n00b Q:) but I didn't see anything about it
  23. cool... i think this is what I need, TY! ...any idea of where I place the file so that Microsoft WU will not see the update anymore? ~Dave
  24. @cluberti - acctually that is not what I am looking for. KB829019 is in addition to .Net Framework v2 @MHz - No KB829019 is not 23mb, it is 1.8mb and only shows up after .Net Framework v2 is installed. ...any other help out there? Thanks in advance, Dave
  25. I am looking for the XP KB829019 file that is available on the windows update site so I can slipstream it into my Unattended install disk. I searched the Microsoft site and found nothing but a info page on the hotfix and no downloadable file. I also called Microsoft and they told me that it is only available on the update site... which I think they are feeding me a load of BS... but... Is anyone able to get their hands on this file? or know where I can get the file to add to my disk? Thanks, Dave

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