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  1. I´m very happy that You are back "O Great Hulk" - started to worry a bit after this months "Tsunami of updates"... From a hot and sunny Sweden / SwedenXP B)
  2. Usually everything works just fine! Trust me!! But this time I get really This is the system: Motherboard - Asus-A8NE Grafic card - Asus nVidia EN6200 Latest graphic drivers 84.21 WHQL Certified! But the graphic driver still does not install! The winnt.sif is OK; OemPnPDriversPath="Drivers\000_Nvidia" DriverSigningPolicy=Ignore And the path to the drivers is also OK; /$OEM$/$1/Drivers/000_Nvidia Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated... Big thanx in advance / SwedenXP B)
  3. Alloh k0jaK and welcome here! The vote from the swedish jury on Best Firewall goes to ZoneAlarm Anti-virus with the built in FireWall (ver. 6.1.737.000). It works great and it does not take a lot of system resources From a cold and icy Sweden... / SwedenXP B)
  4. The number of "The Beast" 6.6.6 / SwedenXP B)
  5. The lazy swede *haha* (I do know what a swede is) says thank You guys! This is why I love this forum - You get excellent answers here / SwedenXP B)
  6. I second that! A minimum list of needed critical updates would be great! Of course based on XP Pro + SP2. / SwedenXP B)
  7. The standard size of the MFT in WinXP (pro) is rather small an I usually use Diskeeper 9 to make it bigger direct after installing WinXP. But now I have changed my disktool to O&O Defrag 8 and this application does not include the option to size the MFT. Does anyone know a program that can adjust the MFT size? Thanx in advance / SwedenXP B)
  8. Nice! And now it´s just the "Incroyable HULK" summary and everything is great again! From a rainy and cold Sweden and a concert with Anastacia / SwedenXP
  9. CCleaner all day long / SwedenXP B)
  10. @ODC - Yes of course one can do that... I only take the new version - and put it in the rigtht folder - and them I´m done - a new unattended installation -----> less adjusting of files ----> a quicker and cleaner install -----> me / SwedenXP
  11. @Mekrel - Tried Your version with; PING -n 30>NUL And it works really well. @ All of You readers Are there any disadvantages in using either of these two methods (Nircmdc.exe or PING)? PING seems easier since it´s already a part of XP... / SwedenXP B)
  12. @Achdine - it works really beautifully But it´s a shame that one have to use an external program for a "sleep/wait/pause funtion" - there ought to be some internal (WinXPPro) solution! But as I warned You - yet another question... Where´s the best place to put the NirCMDc.exe so I can reach it from wherer I want to? At C:\ or someplace else? Finally I will delete it! / SwedenXP B)
  13. @Achdine Thanx for the suggestions - but I already use the "start /wait" option - I think it´s the creation of catalogs that takes time - it happens after the installer is done... or at least at the very end... Have thought of doing the Firefox install in the beginning of my main_batch.cmd and the extensions and favorites/bookmarks at the end. But I will try the NirCMD - because it sounds interesting! I will be back with comments on the result. / SwedenXP
  14. @Achdine - Big step forward for me I would like to ask one more thing (atleast) How do I get a .cmd file to wait for example 30 seconds before continuing (still within the same .cmd file). Why? It takes some time for Firefox to complete it´s installation - and before thats done the extensions and favorietes will not install properly. Hoping for yet another good answer from You or somebody else / SwedenXP B)
  15. @Achdine - thanx for Your suggestions - I will look into them - although I don´t understand them fully... But thats why I like this forum When I don´t understand - I just ask - and eventually I will learn something From a not so sunny Sweden / SwedenXP B)
  16. This is the story; Trying to do a silent install of Firefox 1.0.6 + extensions + bookmarks/favorites. The silent install is no problem. The extensions goes just fine. But - to do the silent install of the bookmarks/favorites I have to know the name of the "something.default" directory located in "%userprofile%\Applic~1\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\" and this varies from install to install - it´s an "8 charactar (numbers and figures) .default" nasty thing It´s into this directory my bookmarks.html should go which is no problem - when I know the correct name of the directory... The question to You, ladies and gentlemen is; Is there a way to set the name of the directory? Or Is there a way to find out the name? I install Firefox + the rest from within a .cmd file - so thats where the name of the directory eventually will go... MegaBigThanx in advance! / SwedenXP
  17. Thanx gentlemen This was exactly what I wanted - but when I saw that one could have 15 or something different options to wote for i realized that I couldn´t do this myself SwedenXP B)
  18. I think this would be interesting - especially to see which countries that are esepcially active. Soo - is there anyone who is more experienced than I am on setting up polls - who wants to give this one a try? Big thanx in advance! From a sunny Sweden / SwedenXP B)
  19. Just look at the first page of this thread and You will find: *** NEW *** KB883939 -› Cumulative security update for Internet Explorer Download -› 4.06 MB (June 13, 2005) Switches: KB883939.exe /q /n /z From a sunny and warm Sweden / SwedenXP B)
  20. Hello guys can this little addition be added via the SVCPACK.INF with some nice little switch??? From a sunny and warm Sweden / SwedenXP B)
  21. Thanx Martin Zugec! Ad Muncher seems like a really nice prog . I´ll try it for a while and see how it feels. From a sunny and hot Sweden / SwedenXP B) ps. It feel GOOD
  22. Dear Zxian Forgot to say that I run Firefox - and I have tried the adblock extension... and I think it sucks! So - any other suggestions please - do anyone know an adblock program that works just as fine as NIS? / SwedenXP
  23. Used to run NIS2004 and it killed all ads and popups - but it ate a LOT of resources... Now I´m trying out Sygate and I love it - it uses very little resources - BUT it does not kill ads and popups Anyone got any sugggestions??? Thanx in advance / B) SwedenXP
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