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  1. ME2U

    Getting Bluescreen

    Do a google on memtest86 and download the program, create a floppy and boot from that floppy, this freeware can test you memory for any problems. I do suspect its your memory modules.
  2. What I did with the admin account was to rename it under control panel/administrative tools/Computer Management/Local Users and Groups/Users/Right Click Menu and select rename. The only issue here is the admin folder in documents and settings is not renamed.
  3. Dowloaded "delguest" and sucessfully removed guest account. Had to figure out how to run in NT4 compatibility mode though, thanks!
  4. Some user may accidentally or unknowngly enable this account, specially when its easily accessible in the control panel.
  5. Hi, Is it possible to remove the Guest account without harmfull effect to the OS? If possible, how do you do this? Thanks,
  6. What you may want to do is format one of your image backup drive with FAT32 partition and use this as your primary image backup files. You can then run NTFS4DOS (freeware readonly version) after booting DOS on floppy and run Ghost to backup your NTFS drive. If your version of Ghost still cannot see the NTFS partition, you may want to upgrade or check other image backup software. I think the newer version of Ghost or Driver Image can do NTFS image backup without a problem. You can also checkout an drive image backup I am using Drive Snapshot. The beauty with Drive Snapshot is you can back
  7. Try renaming your winnt.sif to something else like unattended.txt or unattended.sif and place it in a subdirectory not on your root drive. You can place your I386 and other folders in a folder such as c:\XPCD and also place your unattended answer file there. I strongly believe this will solve your problem rather than placing your answer file on your root directory. Also, you need to change the winnt32.exe switches to specify the new source directories and attended answer file location.
  8. You have to specify the location of the $OEM$ file directory in your winnt.sif, You can specify the location of the $OEM$ folder by using the unattend switch OEMFilesPath=
  9. The easiest way to accomplish what you want to do is to use BartPE or WinPE, boot from CDROM. After booting, you can then reformat and clean the folders on drive C. After that, run winnt32.exe with the switches to copy the installation files to drive C with the source from drive D. On reboot, remove the CD's and installation will start on drive C. You can create BartPE free from www.nu2.nu if you do not have a copy of WinPE. By the way, if you want to reformat a drive from BartPE using the small file system application A43 or something, you need to right click the drive without viewing the
  10. There are options on email client applications that allows you to download the header only when email size is larger than 50Kb or something you specify. In outlook, it is on options, mail setup tabs, under send/receive options, then click edit. I'm sure I have seen this in other mail clients such as outlook express too.
  11. ME2U

    Twin Drives

    Why don't you run RAID1 mirror setup, rather than having two drivers and installed OS on both? You can either add a PATA RAID PCI card or SATA onboard most MB. A software alternative is to use disk image backup such as Ghost or DiskImage.
  12. I had similar problem, XP won't boot up after SP2 RC2 update, the update was completed but upon restart, it won't boot up anymore. Finally, I decided to download BIOS update of motherboard, then flashed it, it went through and XP booted properly. I was using P4 2.8 Prescott and an Intel 865 chipset MB.
  13. Typical problem when adding USB devices, including scanners. Because of the plug and play feature, at start up, XP takes some time to detect and recognize the hardwares installed, then load the drivers. Maybe you can just pull out the webcam when not needed and only plug when needed. You can also try running "msconfig" and check what programs are started during startup and maybe disable most of the trash in startup.
  14. ME2U

    Accessing Files

    That worked! Thanks! I can now access the folder and files.
  15. I'm trying to rescue files from a laptop that crashed. I hooked up the drive to a USB external enclosure and my PC detects the drive without problem. However, when I try to open the folder for a particular user under "Documents and Settings" it refuse to open and says "access denied". I suppose this is due to NTFS security and admin password. How do I go about entering the correct password to gain access of the files to rescue it. By the way, it is not the USB enclosure problem since I have tried two different onces and both reports the same problem. I can open other folder and files wi
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