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  1. Internet connection lost randomly with SP2

    all firewall software is disabled including xp's, but the problems occurs with both LAN and WLAN
  2. Internet connection lost randomly with SP2

    that isn't going to solve my problem I think because I'm using a router, and everything worked fine until SP2, could it perhaps be the file that limits the TCP or something like that connections to 10
  3. Does somebody perhaps know how it comes that since I'm using SP2 for Windows XP, that after some time I have to restore my connection, because I've lost Internet and LAN connection ( well everything seems OK but isn't) If someone knows the problem and how to solve I would be happy nothing changed with my setup, just instead SP1, it's now SP2, it also happens to other pc's
  4. installation depending on username

    thanks jono, your example was what I need but what should I use to get the computername
  5. is there some way? perhaps a script that reads the username or the name the computer is registered too and then decides if the name equals perhaps A, B or C, to install the app, if the name is D then it exits the script
  6. Windows Installer Helper Utility

    I think there's a bug with the RestartWait switch, because instead of 10 seconds it turns out in almost 3 hours
  7. Windows Installer Helper Utility

    No thats not what I meant, I mean instead like rebooting instantly, just after about 60s like your doing an unattended from runonceex with the command shutdown, but then an built in thingy in your app
  8. Windows Installer Helper Utility

    I would like to make one more request, an option to specify the time when windows reboots, and make it visually so that the user sees when it is going to reboot, I would like to have this option so that the shell can load properly before it reboots
  9. Windows Installer Helper Utility

    I'm using 1.6 just downloaded it again and I'm using the ini file that is provided, if I don't run it from the command line then it shows up properly
  10. Windows Installer Helper Utility

    when I use the switch /skipsettings, I get the screen below, but when I don't use the switch it shows up normal EDIT: just did another test, when I call wihu.exe from the commandline without the switch its also like in the screenshot
  11. Windows Installer Helper Utility

    when using the skipsettings switch the install.ini isn't loaded
  12. Windows Installer Helper Utility

    Is it possible now to skip the user creation completely and select what you wish to install, and if nothing is selected during a specified time it auto installs the standard selected options
  13. Windows Installer Helper Utility

    thanks, will test it out tomorrow if it's available for download then If I have any more request I'll let you know, would do it myself but don't kwow how to program in C++
  14. Windows Installer Helper Utility

    If the first screen would look kind of like in the picture below , with just the install button if using the /autoinstall switch that would be great, sorry if I'm asking to much, just positive comment
  15. Windows Installer Helper Utility

    Can you perhaps also make sure that your app always starts in the center of the screen and stays on top of every other form or window Thanks, looking forward to see the updates