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  1. tain

    New logo to use

    Nicely done. You are a webbie AND a batch-master?
  2. I don't really understand how this problem manifests itself. Why is it that my first run of HFCLEANUP has errors but otherwise installs OK, but when I address those errors directly (with no other changes) I get this NT5.CAT error that stops the show? Editing layout.inf for *.cat is easy enough, but I would like to understand why this is happening.
  3. You probably forgot to stir it with your pinky toe. That is a very important step in the Elk Chili Preparation Process TM.
  4. That's cool. I am still waiting on the new fileset but I will put extra effort into tracking/squashing any issues that I have before I come crying for help
  5. 60306 runs really well for me on 2k, building 2k. In spite of some craziness such as codecs, HFCLEANUP, and addons, I haven't had your particular problem. And I have run 60306 *many* times since it was released. I predict a request for your error_report.
  6. Throwing my codec pack into the mix does NOT derail the train anymore! YEHAW! Once again: outstanding work.
  7. @4r0: Do you have a copy of your program that doesn't require .NET2?
  8. tain

    New logo to use

    Tomcat76 is sporting a cool new transparent logo lately. All the neighbors are jealous
  9. Wow. You fixed *everything* Even the packs that I thought were bad...now work perfectly. And all with DX9! I still need to test codecs but it really looks like you fixed the core problem(s). I will start testing that now and probably provide feedback on it in the morning. Sorry it took so long to provide feedback on this fix; I've been getting my butt handed to me by HFCLEANUP. Thanks again. Great job!
  10. unsupported = TAiN should stop bugging us with all of his personal config issues? I address most of my problems on my own; but I don't hesitate to refer to the experts when needed. Thanks for all of the great help. That is one of the main reasons I like HFSLIP and try to pimp it out to others (re: my slashdot plug).
  11. OIC, I should have searched for reduc instead of reduce! Duh! Thanks, guys @tommyp: Is the latest version already posted? This sentence caused me confusion: I'll have to send it over to FDV for hosting. And the posted zip has files as recent as 25FEB.
  12. Can you explain what you did in more detail? I think that we are in the same canoe.
  13. I searched http://www.vorck.com/2ksp5.html for "reduce" and "HFCLEANUP" but couldn't find either one...please advise.
  14. DUDE!!1! ELK CHILI!1! Now I just need to learn how to hunt
  15. I've gone through this regimen twice now and keep coming up with the same bucket of dung. On my first pass of HFSLIP with Oleg2's HFCLEANUP files, setup asks for the following missing files: So I rifle through the HFCLEANUP folder and remove all references to those files (one is in there twice). Then I run HFSLIP again with no other changes. On the second run I get: followed quite promptly by: and: Any suggestions? I saw someone reference fixing layout.inf for a CAT issue but I would like to avoid so much cross-editing to fix problems if possible. It makes things yucky and hard to maintain when I upgrade filesets and such.
  16. FDV said: That sounds like a poll to me! Hold on to your hats!
  17. 60306 (1st draft) was correct. The first time I ran it, with HFCLEANP, the house burnt down. The second time, without HFCLEANUP, I went past go and collected $200. Assessment: my HFCLEANUP files are/were borked. I am starting with a fresh batch of HFCLEANUP, the latest HFSLIP 60306r2, and some fairy dust. Also, I have a very minor suggestion for HFSLIP: echo Press Y to overwrite and N to not overwrite. Echo Default is N Might read better and be more clear as: echo Press Y to overwrite and N to not overwrite. Default is N. Piddly, eh? Yeah.
  18. Original 60306 ran fine (except for the HFAOO bug) when I removed my HFCLEANUP folder. That means I have a lot of bug-squashing to do on my reducers...<sigh> /me heads over to the HFCLEANUP topic for reference
  19. I just got done HFSLIPing with 60306 and am booting now. One bug so far: Names of the files in your HFAAO folder: DIR/B/S/ON HFAAO This one looks easy enough to fix But then I hit a brick wall. Setup (in GUI) stopped to ask me for NT5.CAT. That was a showstopper. The only wildcard on that run was that I had HFCLEANUP included and, while it has been working for me, my reducer fileset isn't completely bug free yet. I am installing again without HFCLEANUP now...but I forgot to replace Oleg2's files in FDVFILES with FDV's original files...will that cause an issue? I'll report my results when I come home for lunch. Thanks for posting this new version and including my feature request.
  20. Chalk up another vote for Opera/uTorrent! Firefox is too slow and Azureus requires Java (eewww). And is also slow
  21. I just ran this for the first time. It reduced my ISO by a good 200MB; thanks! There were a couple of 'file not found' errors but I seem to have pulled through it OK (and with DX9!)
  22. This page is loaded with bad addons (or addons that just aren't working with HFSLIP), but i also has many that work great. Here are some that have given me trouble: Kels_CPLBonus_addon_v2.7.CAB Kels_fileextensionstoggle_addon_1.3.cab Kels_FindTarget_addon_v1.1.CAB Kels_myuninst_addon_v1.33.CAB MrsP_FileCase_ShellExt_Addon_v1.2.7.28.cab shx_ZacamAddon_AttributeChanger_v5.23.cab An issue that some of these (at least one) have is that they don't include a carriage return after the last entry of [txtsetup_files] so the next addon that gets parsed gets started in the middle of an existing line instead of starting a new line...this will stop your installation FAST :/ It is easy enough to fix, though.
  23. Some of the addons that cause problems (like the one I posted) have absolutely nothing to do with DX, video, codecs, or sound.
  24. But I have had this problem with addons that are in no way related to DX.
  25. @Tomcat: Yes. That file is present in both of the "bad" filesets as well as my "good" fileset. This is a bad addon if anyone else wants to give it a spin and see what happens... XAddon_Unlocker_Medium_v1.8.1.cab

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