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  1. win2kgaming.site90.com gone?

    One way or another, you better don't think this is permanent. Just having a look to Prophpbb terms of service (http://www.prophpbb.com/terms.hml), the site could be deleted by inactivity and it hadn't too much since it began working under Prophpbb service.
  2. win2kgaming.site90.com gone?

    No news anywhere, but the site is up again. I found yesterday by luck while, when I was reinstalling win2k because of motherboard change, I searched for the wrappers stuff I didn't remember and Google brought to me this URL: http://win2kgaming.prophpbb.com/
  3. win2kgaming.site90.com gone?

    Nop. Only you, me, the blog by blackwingcat and, if you want to try, Oldboy2k at thechspot Looks like he has been logged at that site and he was and admin there. Maybe he has more information.
  4. win2kgaming.site90.com gone?

    Yes, gone again. The saddest thing is that I recommended a free site to avoid this and forget to pay for a domain name (because that happened this time, the domain name has expired, at least the first days), dhost.info, that I'm using from a few years now for a forum/page, without problems.... :-/ (the only requirement is to have one visit a week). And the worst is that I don't get why archive.org don't crawls and archive it either :-? We are now without backup or anything but this thread and the one I posted a year back. Let's hope it comes back soon :-/
  5. win2kgaming.site90.com gone?

    One of the admins of the site left this thread on other forum with the explanations and download links (or where to find them): http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic167843.html I hope they find a new host soon.
  6. DirectShow FilterPack

    All files registered successfully. (and working) But what I won't request you is to make it every new release if that is an extra effort and only for me... (hope there are other users out there )
  7. DirectShow FilterPack

    What's that? The wrappers are to make available functions not available by default on the host OS. As for Windows 98 there are the KernelEx wrappers, for Windows 2000 we have the OldCigarette Wrapper and BlackWinCat KDW wrapper. Now the Win2kgaming forum is down but you have a thread now here: http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic167843.html They work with games and applications with the wrappers and, sometimes, little hacks. But I think I'm not even gonna try with these filters :S I think I'll consider to report to the MPC-HC team but I don't hope them to hear me a little. Indeed, I'm not very interested on MPC-HC player. I was using your filters (as you extracted from the project) to play content on BSPlayer 0.86 (yes, you read the version correctly, very old, I know). I only use the MPC in the latest version before HC, While the filters from DSFP 4.01 causes 0 problems, I'll enjoy them. Thanks for your reply anyway It was helpful
  8. DirectShow FilterPack

    Before report, my problem is not specific for matroska splitter, but for all filters of the package (I tested all, to see if anyone worked from DSFP 4.11 but I usually only need FLV and MKV, the others are covered by other filters as Haali). Just to leave it clear enough. After that, for the ones you posted, the only one that gives an error is "MatroskaSplitter-". About what you say between the docs and SF site differences, MPC-HC, the application, the player, doesn't run on Windows 2000. Do the filters? Well, as you extract them from it, and I was using them, yes, until 4.11, they worked, and that is because I was happy I found your DSFP. Sadly looks like they started to compile the filters as they do with the player, not allowing to run them on older OSs :/ P.S.: I know there are wrappers (OldCigarettes and BlackWingCat), and I use them for games, but...
  9. DirectShow FilterPack

    Since 4.11 it's impossible to register .ax files under Windows 2000 (and, I guess, below). The loadlibrary call from regsvr32.exe fails. I think it calls some functions in kernel32.dll, having a quick look with Dependency Walker. Is this going to be normal in the future? It's sad, as I started to use the DirectShow Filter Pack few months ago :/ with nice results.