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  1. @SwedenXP Thank you for this precious note. i have read it but its not very clear to me can you confirm what is new and what is old. Please
  2. just to Report this the only one work with me : "%wpipath%\Tools\cdswitch.exe" Label 1"
  3. What/where is %systemdrive%\install

    First Welcome to the MSFN World You Create this folder manually '$OEM$\install'. you can read the "Unattended Windows Guide" Here it's very helpful
  4. Extra Buttons & Virtual PC 2007

    Working now perfect Thank you very much kel
  5. Extra Buttons & Virtual PC 2007

    I'm still wating....?
  6. Extra Buttons & Virtual PC 2007

    Thank you again. and GOOD LUCK tonight
  7. Did you tried to install it on your machine without any switches ? did the installer want to download any data ? if yes. you have the same problem that i have
  8. OK. I have verified and the result is: My .Net framework 3.5 distributable package size is (197 MB). Extract it again and delete the items you mentioned only in the list (i'm sure) Repackage the .Net framework 1.1 & 2.0 again according to Tomcat76's Silent .NET Maker guide. my resulting file sizes: (dotnetfx.exe + NDP1.1sp1-KB867460-X86.exe + NDP1.1sp1-KB928366-X86.exe) = 11,716 KB (dotnetfx2.exe + NDP20-KB928365-X86.exe) = 39,963 KB DNF35.exe = 66,400 KB I tried to reinstall them all But the .Net framewoke 3.5 have the same problem. any suggestion please
  9. Extra Buttons & Virtual PC 2007

    Thank you Kel your help is very precious and I'm waiting for the theme. i hope soon
  10. Extra Buttons & Virtual PC 2007

    Not working i replaced the code. But I still see the Buttons ! No Changes
  11. Extra Buttons & Virtual PC 2007

    Hi Kel I can't Check this option only becouse is depend on the another option. So i checked BOTH When the last time you use WPI ? thanks for response
  12. I'm using WPI v6.3 and Ultimate theme. and checked this options: [ ] Show Extra Buttons [ ] Do not show if started from CD/DVD and when WPI start in Virtual PC 2007. the Buttons is still there! does this is the normal ? if not. what can i do to make this options work ? another Q: its Ok to remove the lang folder from the WPI root ? Thanks in Advance
  13. I followed your guide exactly to create the .Net frameworke 3.5 and everything is OK but when trying to install the pakage it's trying to Download 60M from the web. Why? How can i escapee this step? and i'm tried to disable my internet connection to prevent the download then i get an error. and the installer tell me to Exit the setup and restart it again. Help please?