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  1. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but when I uncheck those boxes. all I get is turning the recent programs panel into empty space... I still need to click "All programs" to bring the list up
  2. Oh, or is there a way to add a custom library to the menu? I found a workarround using a trick that has been out there since Win98 (renaming a folder like NameOfTheFolder.{CLSID}), and if I could add a library with it to the start menu, I'd get the best from both worlds... I'd retain the nice search bar AND the programs menu like the old days xD
  3. Hi, I just installed Win7 retail (had Vista x64 before), and I'm tweaking it to my taste ^^ Already made everything as squary as it was baaaack in the day and made the taskbar behave a bit like the old one, setup my toolbars and everything is great (and more stable ) But the Start Menu is kind of annoying me... didn't really like neither CSMenu nor Seven Classic Start, so I decided to keep the menu as is, but I really don't like the whole "recent used programs", as I have my toolbars filled with shortcuts to all applications I normally use, and I usually go to the start menu only when I need to get some shady/hidden/buryed thing I don't use so often.... So, is there anyway to make the "all programs" display the default? So it will always show the full list everytime I display the start menu?
  4. This whole "slowdown when there are too many images" sounds more like the processor struggling, or a slow browser or whatever.... I mean, the card can only help with the blitting (when browsing normal stuff), and a 9200 should do that pretty fast, to the point I doubt it is the bottleneck)
  5. Windows 2000, right? And what icons, from ICO files or EXEs and DLLs?
  6. Hi, I'm here to present a nice little project I developed with the guys at winprj.net It is Daedalus, a project was meant to introduce 32-bit Alpha-Blended icons support in Windows NT 4, and later expanded to work on Windows 2000 too. It is implemented as a service, therefore can be started/stopped on demand, which can be useful in case some conflict arises, though ideally that should never happen Instructions, the changelog and the download can be found at the winprj.net's topic right here: http://www.winprj.net/board/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=399 Screenshot (combined with NT4 Visual Update 3 Beta 2):
  7. Ensure that the shortcuts working directory points to the same folder where Pinball is installed
  8. You can use kxdrivers instead of the official ones for your SBLive. The unnoficial drivers expose TONS of advanced settings like better DSP support, signal routing... You might find a way to achieve what you want.
  9. Besides, one can always use Firefox 3 with Kernel Ex... but the simple habit of looking to the status bar when hovering a link is enough
  10. Got a Pentium III 700MHz as a secondary computer, and I can even watch youtube in it :-) And I didn't question your habits, just pointed out that OSes don't infect themselves that way. I'm running Win98 in my secondary gig (with a 8-year old brother playing arround with it the whole day), Vista in my primary one and XP in another primary one. None of them EVER got infected just like that, specially because I'm behind a router. Perhaps some bad tweaking in your web browser, or one of the sites you visit exploilt something in Flash or Acrobat or whatever, and the old versions didn't have the vulnerability yet.
  11. Weird, incredibly weird... I'd try reinstalling from scratch. Install a clean copy of Windows 98, install all the necessary drivers and test. If it is all okay, then apply SP 2.1 and test again... If it is all fine, backup your Win98 directory and install AutoPatcher and tehn.... well, you got it.
  12. Well, maybe they will be useful ^^ Actually, you can add to this list another basic item: DON'T USE IE, SPECIALLY ON WIN98. Go for Firefox (SeaMonkey, Kameleon, etc...) or Opera
  13. cannie I know it is easy to trash it on purpose, but he said he did that acidentally, and I never trashed it like that even turning my Win98 setup upside-down
  14. I have been using Windows XP SP3 (updated from SP2) in one of my main machines (used to be the only machine for quite some time) for about 3 years, never needed to reinstall it, and got infected only once: the pc is shared and the only user with admin rights besides me clicked in a popup. No need for reinstalling, though. Found a remover and in a minute I was good to go. By the way, how did you use to trash your registry? I've never done it.

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