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  1. lol, I used to be a McAfee fanboy until the 2007 viruscan suite came out, you should have seen my reaction the first time I opened up my task manager . It didn't affect peformance too bad but geez, 10 services/14 processes, I'm a neat freak and couldn't handle that.
  2. Same procedure for the 2211a patch, unpack the cyberlink patch installer, edit the Custom.ini silent=1 GoogleToolbar=0 WebURL= RichVideo=0 Delete the GoogleToolbar and RichVideo Folders and then repackage, but anyone who's followed this thread probably knows that already.
  3. Have you tried the one from sharks file repository .
  4. Have you tried this, it might work unless nlite removed the thumbnail components. http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...kb;en-us;178746 and/or maybe this: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/176882/EN-US/
  5. Shell32.dll Funnily enough that's the first icon cache that opens up when I go to change icons, yay.
  6. How do I move the menu bar to the top and the address bars down one. I've tried unlocking the toolbar but unlike Office/Firefox etc I can't seem to move anything. Albeit I've only been playing around for a few minutes with it but yeah, it seems dumbed down and not all that user friendly.
  7. Do a tour of the aopen site for other mobo related downloads or click below if the link is still valid if you're a lazy moe http://download.aopen.com.tw/userdownload_...del=AX4SG%20Max It's usually considered best to update from the DOS prompt ie win98 startup floppy disk and running the program from a floppy but I've always just used the windows version fine with no problems on gigabyte boards. If running from DOS I'm guessing you'd type: asgm109f asgm109f.bin where you'll be shown some sort of bios like screen and given the option to backup current bios, overwrite it with this new one etc. if run from windows same options: you'd just click wasgm109f and click the start flash button and hope you don't have a power failure/crash while it's flashing.
  8. I had this problem when I reinstalled a few weeks ago. So after I let it install on the storage partition I just formatted the old windows installation partition through start run/compmgmt.msc go to storage/disk management rebooted and voila it detected an empty partition, installed on c: and the data partition became d: again.
  9. Might be a longshot but go to C:\WINDOWS\system32\config and check to see that none of the files are set to read only, if they are uncheck the read only attribute from the properties box. Also go to tools/folder options/and check show hidden files and folders, then do a search for ntuser.dat and make sure these aren't set to read only either, finally reboot. Also if you've got xp-antispy make sure the deny starting regedit.exe box isn't checked.
  10. I once had a dodgy visually undamaged IDE cable straight from a spanking new Gigabyte box. Check no pins are broken on the mobo ide ports, there's supposed to be one missing from the floppy port I think though. Check you've got master/slave the right way round and then try auto detecting the drives in bios(any changes to the cables while in bios might need a reboot. Try taking one step at a time by getting the boot HD to work on Prim master and then adding a cd drive to slave/reboot/auto detect in bios add another hd to sec master/auto det in bios/reboot repeat whatever. Yeah follow Cap'n Murphy's suggestion re boot device priority in bios, sometimes it stuffs up and can't remember what HD and CD goes where when changing cables around so it defaults to another source which could be LAN/USB anything, lol.
  11. Do they show up by selecting unhide hidden devices, if they do show up, it means the cards have been removed before the drivers for them have been uninstalled. You have to plug each card in the same pci slot they were installed on, reboot and uninstall them via device manager before removing the sound cards. Hopefully that might eventually clear them all out. After removing any audio drivers from add/remove programs, the Realtek AC'97 Audio should be okay to remove and possibly the mpu401 device, not really sure about the others. Are they the onboard mobo sound drivers, if so they'll probably reinstall themselves on windows re-entry unless disabled in the bios ie: if you had onboard sound previously before installing the pci sound cards, they could be conflicting with each other which is why onboard sound should be disabled in bios before installing pci sound cards.
  12. Refer to gdogg's post just before yours, the password works eventually. Edit: Umm *cough*, Gdoggs, I was a bit careless and couldn't be bothered reading the precious 52 pages and double clicked on the microwinx setup file in the svcpack directory which appeared to do nothing for a minute but then copied a few files somewhere and changed the background which I promptly put back to the original. On rebooting I keep getting automatically logged out as soon as i log in, even in safe mode. Had to reinstall on a separate partition. Is there an easy way of restoring my original profile, cheers.
  13. I think 98se has to be installed first on the first partition of the hard drive. Installing it after XP doesn't work I don't think. So I'd fdisk the hard drive to delete all the partitions then create three partitions again. A small 5-10GB for win98SE, ~25GB on the second partition for XP and the rest for the third partition. Then install 98se first and then xp pro on the second partition.
  14. 1. sdat****.exe is the updated virus definitions and scan engine file . 2. Manual update: http://www.networkassociates.com/uk/downlo...tes/default.asp and follow IceBlackIce's instructions for Mcafee 8,9,10 or just double click for McAfee Version 7 For automatic updates you should have registered with whatever info was requested when you first installed the program and make sure activex is enabled in IE and check your subscription info here http://uk.mcafee.com/root/Login.asp Otherwise try the Mcafee forums at http://forums.mcafeehelp.com/index.php FYI: microsft auto update/website has nothing to do with mcafee automatic updates.

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