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  1. Works perfectly in FF 3.0, but severely broken in IE7. It's the website.
  2. I had IRQL errors as well with one of my overly fried memory sticks a few months ago. I didn't get the BSODS until I swapped the memory sticks around after realising all my RVM installs were going haywire in VMWare and large file copies were getting different md5 hashes , sure enough memtested and got near instant errors.
  3. Have you checked your bios to make sure the CD drive is the first boot device otherwise if the HD is first the CD will never boot. If it's been serviced or repaired they may have switched the boot sequence to make it boot faster. Check your mobo manufacturer on how to get into the bios, it's usually DEL for Gigabyte boards and F1/F2 or a combination of CTRL ALT ESC buttons.
  4. It may help us if you post your winnt.sif somewhere for us to troubleshoot. eg: my basic winnt.sif file (I like to partition manually)
  5. Coretemp doesn't install any services or extra erroneous files afaik as it's just a standalone program I think. I'd do a few spyware scans and delete your firewall settings and start over. Or post a hijackthis log to one of those other security related forums.
  6. Hi Shark this is a great pack but do you have any advice as to how to change the install location. Have you tried this in the past or does it require a complete rewrite of the msi? I've been fiddling around with your msi in orca and temporarily removed the gear stuff so I don't have to keep restarting the comp on uninstalling and I've tried for a couple of hours changing all the install folder options under the directory row and custom action but I'm totally flabbergasted at this point as it continually installs to program files. I've been reading through a couple of other older threads but no go. I've got all my unattended winamp/MPC/quicktime/real/powerdvd7.2 stuff going to programfiles\multimedia but this msi stuff is a bit new to me.
  7. If you're running IE 7 and mean you want the old IE 6 toolbar I think it's [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar\WebBrowser] "ITBar7Position"=dword:00000001
  8. It works properly in Firefox but the website is ridiculously slow, using java 6 btw. Haven't updated to 6.1 yet. Using IE you don't get the nifty scroll/zoom functions, well I can get zoom in but haven't figured out zoom out/scrolling.
  9. Just a noob guess but is noved.inf supposed to be either nodev.inf or novel.inf. Couldn't find the noved.inf in google.
  10. Have you slipstreamed the SPTD stuff prior via an rvm/nlite addon? The default Daemon tools installer thingie I think normally checks for and installs sptd if necessary, reboots and THEN installs DT so it might be messing up trying to add a runonceex reg entry or something maybe which could be getting deleted/overwritten somehow. I use Roguespears addon without the crapware, which installs sptd through svcpack and DT at runonceex.
  11. Customizing the InstallPath and Foldername location doesn't work in 7.3 if you were using my 7.2 custom.ini config and they'll only break the non-folder shortcuts which is a nuisance. Otherwise you're doing something wrong. Also adding this line to the pdvd7.reg file stops the registration dialog box ever popping up, well it hasn't yet. [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\CyberLink\Common\EvoParser\PowerDVD\7.00] "AutoCheckPeriod"=hex:ff,00,00,00
  12. If you need the online form plugin just copy the chunky 8.4MB acroform.api file from a full install to a safe spot uninstall the full version, install sharky's lite version and simply copy the said file to the program files\adobe\reader 8.0\reader\plug_ins directory and presto online form filling. I'd post the file somewhere but I'm not sure if that'd be allowed.
  13. Thanks for that link. I've been getting that problem sometimes as well usually whenever I install a program and i was getting sick of restarting the computer to fix it, cheers.
  14. Is this lite version of nero ( supposed to work with DVD Shrink as it keeps saying nero isn't installed on this machine I've just built. Using 2 x Pioneer 112's. Reinstalled after installing nero lite still no go. Slipstreamed XP Pro SP2 RVMed 2.1.10 Gigabyte DS3 2GB RAM

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