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  1. GREETINGS FORUM MEMBERS!. i have a quick question.. I normally place all my wallpapers in my windows xp in the OEM FOLDER : F:\XP\$OEM$\$$\Web\Wallpaper ... but this time my xp got a bit too bit so i decided to create a bat file dat copies all my wallpapers in the directory "%SYSTEMDRIVE%\WINDOWS\Web\Wallpaper" .. but my wallpapers don't appear in the system properties window for some reason.. does anyone have a way of importing wallpapers into windows after the installation has finished?
  2. Coincidentally thats the exact thing i was doing today. It worked perfectly for me when i slipstream the RyanVm Update pack 2.1.11 then Sneaky's driverpacks.. After this i just removed components and added other addons such as themes, IE7 and MP11. I slipstreamed all driverpacks. In what order do you normally do it?
  3. lennierv


    Thx for all the appz names. Really Helped a lot!!
  4. lennierv


    Hey everyone. I've heard that its possible to make an image of the current state of an Operating System along with programs. I know it is possible but i'm not sure which program is used to do this. This makes an easy way out of reinstalling XP again. I just want different choices and see which one works best. If anyone knows what program is used. Please and THank U.
  5. Hi umm.. i was just wondering if anyone has an addon or knows how to integrate the vista aero theme with the glass effect to a WINDOWS XP OS.. Would appreciate any help on getting the theme working with the glass effect. I heard the transformation pack 7 can do it but i'm not sure if it requires windows blinds. It takes up a lot of memory btw.
  6. Here is the file location: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\User Account Pictures
  7. Thanks that solved it!!!
  8. What's up with my Firewall Settings? Where are they? THis is what I get when I go to the tab involving firewall settings>.... Any way of repairing it?
  9. Yeah,,, tried that already...
  10. I had the same problem once..... I was adding trying to alter the settings in addons and it gave me the error.. But what u can try is to integrate the addons with nlite rather than with ryan integrator.. Different addons don't seem to work properly with some integrators.. Best of Luck.. Lennierv
  11. Sorry for the late reply.. Yeah its shows video at startup (bios) but as it enters XP startup it changes to the 1024X768 Message again..
  12. I have a samsung monitor (SyncMaster 510N)... worked perfectly until recently it doesn't show anything except this message: I've read the Faqs but non of the solutions seem to work... Any help is appreciated..
  13. I've waited for 5 minutes and more.... Still no info.. Is there a reg tweak that affects this? BTW... It only happens with the registry tweaks I attached..
  14. The computer information is not showing the CPU specifications for some reason.... I have some tweaks in cmdlines but I don't think any of the tweaks cause it to be removed... I still have it attached if you want to take a look.... LenzTweaks.reg

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