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  1. Yes, in XP works fine with all my DVD's, using WIN7 X64 works with none. Yes, could do that but it's not really the point. I like using AnyDVD + CloneDVD, just strange why it's not working.
  2. Having a problem with AnyDVD newsest version ( on Windows 7 64Bit. Program install's and loads fine, when I put an original DVD in it says 'scanning disk' but when I load CloneDVD or even DvdShrink it doesn't seem to be removing the protection. CloneDVD throws up the 'this disk is css protected' stuff any DvdShrink tries to use it's own CSS methods. Am I missing something here?
  3. Well, this maybe a solution for those with HD audio but not for those stuck with old AC97 sound. Just about giving up with this subject now, nothing seems to be working 100%.
  4. Yes, 2 that I know of and have used in the past for just the same thing. Nero will allow burning to multiple drives on the fly, so will Alcohol 120%.
  5. I have not had chance to install as much as I wanted to, but here is what I have: Nokia PC Suite - Works fine with my N95 8GB but had to set the installer to Vista compatibility mode. Imgburn - No problems. CloneDVD - No Problems. LogMeIn Remote Desktop - Installer would not work correctly, dug around on the LogMeIn forums and found a workaround that install the program from a CMD line, works fine after that. K-Lite Codec Pack - Tried to play an MKV, sound but no video, not sure what the problem with that is, works fine on Vista & XP. Kaspersky Internet Security 8 - It's a Beta version, worked fine. ESET smart Security 4.0 Beta - Works fine. Office 2007 Enterprise - Works fine. Pure Networks Network Magic - Couldn't get this to work at all, installed but program would not load up. Unlocker - Works fine. uTorrent - Works fine. Windows Live Mail & Messenger - Works fine. WinRAR - Works fine. Winamp - Seems to work ok but have not fully tested.
  6. I kinda got them working, although not aswell as they do on my XP install (also had to reinstall W7 Beta to get this working as my first install was on a dodgy partition) In the speakers CP there is an option that says 'Speaker Fill', now seems to be pumping sound to all my speakers, albeit 2 of them the sound is pretty weak and barely audible, but on the other 3 it is fine. Read other people have had same problems but with Vista which is where I learned about the speaker fill option. Not ideal but it's better than it was.
  7. Thanks for uploading those drivers, still have same problem in Realtek CP though, if I try to configure the speakers in the W7 control panel it says 'Format not supported by this device'. Weird, guess i'm stuck with only 2 of my 5 speakers working.
  8. I installed mine by mounting the DVD .ISO from Microsoft with Daemon Tools, starting the setup process in XP and installed to a new partition. Would that not be even easier? Worked fine for me, very quick to install, roughly about 15 minutes if that.
  9. I am using an Asus A8N-SLI Premium, decided to go with the 32bit Windows 7 Beta for now, not tried the HD audio codecs because I just assume, since my onboard sound is not HD they won't work.
  10. Well, I did try but it made no difference. Guess this is the comeback on installing Beta software, not to worry.
  11. I'll try that, am on XP at the moment doing something else but will switch back to W7 in a bit and try, thanks.
  12. Hello, Got the Beta from MS site yesterday, loving it so far apart from a problem with my sound. I have only onboard Realtek sound, Windows Update downloaded some drivers but the sound will only input in 2 channel stereo, I have a 5.1 system connected and it will not let me select a 5.1 setup from the Realtek control panel. Also tried to configure in the windows sound control panel, using the test feature the sound will come from all speakers but if I try to apply changes it just says 'Format not supported', or something along those lines. It's not a major issue, but if anyone has any idea's I would be grateful. Thanks.
  13. Start up a command window and try running %systemroot%\$NtUninstallKB917013$\spuninst\spuninst.exe Already tried that, don't have that folder on my system, from what I can tell from googling this problem CCleaner might have deleted it. Have tried reinstalling but no good.
  14. Got a PC that has this installed, new verion 4 I think but can't remove it, no entry in add/remove even when show updates is checked. Anybody know of a way? Thanks.
  15. When I right click on my XP SP3 desktop, the 'view' and 'arrange icons by' menu options are gone for some reason, however they show fine in directory opus, can't think what has caused this so would like to hear any suggestions. Also when using regular explorer instead of dopus, doing a mouseover on any folder on c or d drive does not bring up a tooltip anymore, again in dopus it is fine. And yes, I was having these problems before installing dopus so I can rule that out as a possible cause. Now also removed dopus and still not working for explorer. -Edit, managed to fix my right click menu with a registry entry, still can't get the info-tip balloons to show when hovering on any folder.

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