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  1. latest version is: 13.1.4010.0 down: hxxps://slc.lo4d.com/files/360-browser/360se13.1.4010.0.exe please update it to english.. thanks for all hard work and efforts My Best Regards
  2. while working i guess will keep testing chromium 87.0.4280.66 (Developer Build) (32-bit)
  3. will be better if you could share your modified files, really i don't have the time right now for all these proceedures, i wish i could, and i'm sure you had lot of fun with this project, please share your files or make a clean/modified installer for rest of users that need it. My Best Regards
  4. using 13 build 2206 you recomended and gets worse, some websites are displayed in rusian even i have selected english, even translating some dialog parts still in rus for example in youtube
  5. Working on XP x86 SP3,, extreme 360 crash time to time no matter options marked/unmarked while using youtube.. i believe is because ublock origin addon, not really sure yet.. anyway don't like the telemetry idea, many ip calling chinesse sites, also tried the "repacked" russian version which force some site into Ru languague, i believe they force/modified the local setting to make chrome believe i am in Rusia, don't like the idea to be traslating sites like hotmail, etc ..youtube also display some menus in ru languague... don't really like this....My Pal freeze while using facebook and other sites no matter plugin to manage the memory resource it always freeze sometime, unresposible and only way to finish it is to shutdown the process with Ctl+Alt+Del so i'm looking for a better alternative.. 360 work ok, only problem is the ramdom crash and suddenly shutdown itselft and ask to reload it..chinese and rus do the same, also tried newer chinese version which also has the US languague on most part of the UI, and crash as wel... so will test this mini browser and see what happends, is there any oficial website to keep updating with the mini browser version ?? My Best Regards
  6. since long time ago i got 1.1 , 2.0 SP2, 3.0 SP2 and 4 installed. nowadays many app requires .net i didn't look for further details about requirements, you could try installing it without .net and check
  7. forget about MSE since you can't update it so it's useless, what's the point for keeping it??
  8. never thought KAV Free Antivirus was going to work in XP, saw in other forum recomendation to install on XP Sp3, downloaded and installed version 19.0 it's working fantastic so far.. :-)
  9. i can confirm this is working, i use security essential, never used Avast in this machine, i was getting those logs either, after those command only had to give all permission, with my user name, for folder: NetworkService btw i use NTFS and only 1 partition that's all, thanks for sharing !!! :-)
  10. everything working great! only ISO XPPSP32.iso has invalid signature at first line, i see you removed by mistake .. i already corrected it .. because without that line the installation don't even start amazing work.. thanks so much for all support ilko_t i will help to test anything you need if necessary.. i'll be around and waiting for final version.. until now this latest beta release works very good. My BEst Regards
  11. you mean to remove all entries related to the file from txtsetup.sif and setup.cmd ?
  12. iso files uploaded here: http://www.megaupload.com/ My Best Regards
  13. sorry for delay.. i have attached all logs the program has made so far.. i see the file is there at the i386 directories.. and yes is the only file giving trouble remember i used the last 3 options of advanced options menu any ideas? My Best Regards logs.rar
  14. please i need help with the issue i'm having.. do i have to delete some lines/information about that file to let setup continue without saying it's an invalid image/windows file? where the UsbBootW.exe information is stored? My Best Regards

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