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  1. since long time ago i got 1.1 , 2.0 SP2, 3.0 SP2 and 4 installed. nowadays many app requires .net i didn't look for further details about requirements, you could try installing it without .net and check
  2. forget about MSE since you can't update it so it's useless, what's the point for keeping it??
  3. never thought KAV Free Antivirus was going to work in XP, saw in other forum recomendation to install on XP Sp3, downloaded and installed version 19.0 it's working fantastic so far.. :-)
  4. i can confirm this is working, i use security essential, never used Avast in this machine, i was getting those logs either, after those command only had to give all permission, with my user name, for folder: NetworkService btw i use NTFS and only 1 partition that's all, thanks for sharing !!! :-)
  5. everything working great! only ISO XPPSP32.iso has invalid signature at first line, i see you removed by mistake .. i already corrected it .. because without that line the installation don't even start amazing work.. thanks so much for all support ilko_t i will help to test anything you need if necessary.. i'll be around and waiting for final version.. until now this latest beta release works very good. My BEst Regards
  6. you mean to remove all entries related to the file from txtsetup.sif and setup.cmd ?
  7. iso files uploaded here: http://www.megaupload.com/ My Best Regards
  8. sorry for delay.. i have attached all logs the program has made so far.. i see the file is there at the i386 directories.. and yes is the only file giving trouble remember i used the last 3 options of advanced options menu any ideas? My Best Regards logs.rar
  9. please i need help with the issue i'm having.. do i have to delete some lines/information about that file to let setup continue without saying it's an invalid image/windows file? where the UsbBootW.exe information is stored? My Best Regards
  10. are you sure if that option is marked then appears errors like the one i got? if i have to do all the work again that will take a lot of time... if necessary please just tell me the steps to take care of the problem manually.. i'm sure it will take less time than building everything since the begining. My Best Regards
  11. for BSOD just use ntdetect.com from win2k3 as well ramdisk.sy_ if bad don't remember.. i was getting bsod testing with dell machines, with hp and Eee Pc (mini laptop) all worked well except for dell so i did the trick of the file replacement.i did replace them from the iso and from the i386 all working ok on all machines i have tested so far i just getting a trouble while windows copy the files needed for the installation.. i haven't found anything about it yet so i decided to come here and ask the experts as well the author ilko_t thanks ilko_t for such great and easy tool, in my opinion the best so far =)! i have attached the screenshot(photo) of my problem.. if i press esc the installation continue and all work ok, i used the latest beta with the option that prepares the xp for installation and uses driverpack.. i have driverpack integrated, 4 version of winxp working great, with drivers, program installation, 2 unattended and 2 normal installations for repair purposes.. (2 english and 2 spanish) all installation gives the invalid file usbbootw.exe... please if someone know about this let me know.. or please give some hints where to look at.. My Best Regards
  12. nuhi where are you? this is my other post about this problem here: http://www.msfn.org/board/stop-found-new-h...pid-884196.html i strongly believe still nlite has causing randomly this bug with certain windows languages... my version is in spanish maybe that's why still the problem persist with nlite i made an auto it script which kill the window i ran from detachedprogram option but for some reason the installation never pass the 25 minutes maybe freeze? then i have to reset manually.. now it start from T39 again then the auto it exe will work and closes the windows of hardware.... ... but this is totally insane.. i'm missing the unattend purpose already maybe i'm missing some needed arguments for this to work correctly? anyone please?
  13. i'm having this situation as explained here: http://www.msfn.org/board/new-hardware-wiz...pid-888585.html and here: http://www.msfn.org/board/stop-found-new-h...pid-884196.html all i need is to kill the window: found new hardware wizard.. ok.. my cuestion is how can i implement a VB script or auto it compiled exe to kill this windows that appears 3 times at T-25 of unattended SP3 pro install if a click cancel 3 times the windows dissapear and installation keep going normally.. sometimes i have to click Alt+ tab for the windows to show up because it looks like they remain in the background of the installation preventing to continue. all i can find is comments about implementing auto it to install programs.. that's not what i need.. many people say do this this...etc just ideas but don't explain exactly what to do.. i found searching this script for auto it that's is supposed to kill the window also... bug i guess it missing some command to wait for 25 minutes then look for the window 3 or 4 times to kill it.. here it's: this is AutoIT3 script that I use to get rid of those "New Hardware Found" windows. Save it as e.g. close_popup.au3, download autoit and compile to exe. It will run in the background waiting for specified windows and closing them. You can stop it by using /QUIT. Just change 'Found New Hardware Wizard' to the title of your window, and 'Welcome' to any text of the popup. You can change the name of the script window ('KillHWiz') but it's not neccessary. There is also a auto it dll that you can use through Win32API or ruby/dl. HTH, J. ----8<-------------------- If $CmdLine[0] = 1 and $CmdLine[1] = '/QUIT' Then WinClose('KillHWiz') Else AutoItWinSetTitle('KillHWiz') While 1=1 WinWait ( 'Found New Hardware Wizard', 'Welcome' ) WinClose ( 'Found New Hardware Wizard', 'Welcome' ) WEnd Source: http://www.mombu.com/programming/ruby/t-do...es-1308554.html please any inputs are welcome. My Best Regards
  14. hello guys, i have a script of auto it that i could compile it.. is for killing the windows New hardware wizard.. i'm getting this window with an unattended install at t-25 minutes of the installation.. i wonder how could i implement the exe compiled of auto it to kill the new hardware wizard window when missing 25 minutes of the installation? My Best Regards
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