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  1. Everithing is working!!! Thank you all again. I did what gameahead said, and that link from Walchinc was very usefull.I still have some questions: 1.Why that crosswired cable was important? 2.What is the difference with normal cable and that one? This is what i plan next, to by wired router, new PC and printer with network built in.Can i do the same with wired router or...other ideas?
  2. Thank you all for advices!I'll try to work on it now.
  3. Walchinc, i had that configuration before, but my wireless router(Netgear WGT 624)made troubles restartuing and losing internet connection all the time.That is probably becouse Livebox can also be wireless(if you put card in) and i dont use it -range is to small. Gamehead200, is crosover cable cable on which wires are mixed?Just to be clear, i am not network expert.And to connect Livebox on Netgears LAN port?
  4. This is my home network now: I live in Holland, ISP is Orange and modem is colled Livebox.It gives automatticly IP's from have good internet connection on PC and Laptop, but i can't comunicate between them.Is that possible to fix somehow.I called helpdesc of Orange but they don't want to help me with network problems.Thanks in advance!!
  5. Hi! I am from Croatia and i am living and working in Holland.This is good board and i hope that i can help and bee halped!Greetings to members and guests.
  6. Thank you Gouki and Grunth0s, i fixed problem by Netgear helpdesk.It was onlu needed to change IP numbers on LAN settings of the router : ip address from to and starting DHCP from to and ending from to
  7. Hi, i am new here and not experienced on networking.Mu PC(XPPro) and laptop(XPHome) are conected to internet via router Netgear 108Mbps WGT624 v3(PC wired, laptop wireless).Worked perfect but few days ago mu ISP automaticly updated modem with new software.Since than i can't open anuthing on internet.I tryed everything, called ISP, but they say networking is not problem which they can solve for me.New in this modem update is that now modem gives IP's from and my router can't configure my intern. acsses automaticly any more.I tryed manyally without succes. This is modem IP's: If my PC is dyrecly connected to modem everything is OK, internet works and i get this IP's: If i connect to modem via router vith def. router settings nothing works.If i give router IP is now def.gateway) and DNS server which is on modem( i get this: and also doesn't work. If i make router conf. with my ISP's prim. and sec. DSN servers also doesn't work.PC and laptop can comunicate via roter, but Internet is out.I have ZA firewall wich doesn't make problems(i think, at least than i get intrn. only via modem). Is this LAN problem or maybe something else?
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