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  1. Pe for XP (PE 1.6) is not a public download due to licencing rules. Pe 2.0, built from vista is a public download as linked by ubernerd
  2. Fullu agrees with Br4tt3 Go for iso boot. It will load faster, you vill have one file to handle on the servers and you won't have to have nic drivers in multiple places. If you happends to have 10 mbit connections you will see a drastic reduction in boot time.
  3. Have you checked that you got the adsi dll files in your PE image and that they are registred?
  4. Seems like I missed you in barcelona. I was att the deployment seminar....
  5. Thanks man It ain't exactly easy to find on the MS Web.
  6. A little late but i have what i thougth was a complete walkthrough posted on this forum. I would suspect that the easiest way to fix a shutdown is to use shutdown.exe or psshutdown.exe
  7. The only way i found to do that is to replace winpwshl with something that can run apps minimized. I Wrote a small vb6 app for it for our needs earlier. Today I launch my VB6 app drectly and execute the needed commands from my app instead
  8. oops. Yes that cleanup list removes way to much. But you can clean parts of it. For example the fonts and the help files. Drivers for modems and so on. I got a 124Mb image with wmi,wsh,ado and vb6 runtime support
  9. The reason for us not to use it is the legal part. We couldn't get a clear answer if we could use sdi without the complete embedded kit so we used a ordinary ramdrive instead. Now it's running until we go into vista
  10. I got it running on our servers \i386 pe.sio \i386\templates ntdetect.com ntldr startrom.com mysif.sif
  11. I think it's by design. Pe doesn't start any listners by default. The same thing applies to smb you can't map a drive on a pe box either
  12. Ximage or imageX as its real name is IS NOT publicly Availible. The only way to get it is from ms so contact your representative about it
  13. I can only confirm that. About 80 techs here using pe1.6 and intel 10.3 on about 20 000 pc:s
  14. Have you tried with cmd /C begin.bat. .bat isn't a true executable format. It needs cmd to handle it
  15. Doing the same thing to pick ACPI or ACPI MP hal. Works like a charm. Br4tt3: I replyed at the swedish board too...
  16. I don't know if ghost can do this but it works with pqideploy start diskpart select disk 0 select partition 1 assign and that should give you your hd on the first availabe driveletter ©
  17. I tried to use a "preloaded" regitry but i never got it stable. It would work well on one box and fail on another and so on. In the end i scrubbed that idea amd stripped the installation down instead to improve boot times
  18. If you do use MS ris it's simple under \remoteinstall\Setup\English\Images\"imagename"\i386, add the iso file and a templates folder In templates add ntdetect.com,ntldr and startrom.com and a sif file my sif file looks like this, there shouldn't be any line breaks int the OsLoadoptions line [setupData] BootDevice = "ramdisk(0)" BootPath = "\i386\System32\" OsLoadOptions = "/noguiboot /fastdetect /minint /rdexportascd /rdpath=%INSTALLPATH%\%MACHINETYPE%\pe.iso Architecture = "<platform>" [RemoteInstall] Repartition = No [OSChooser] Description = "PE2005" Help = "try this" LaunchFile = "%INSTALLPATH%\%MACHINETYPE%\templates\startrom.com" ImageType = Flat Version = "5.2 (0)"
  19. Hi This is very easy to do. in \remoteinstall\OSChooser\i386 Rename startrom.com to startrom.old copy startrom.n12 startrom.com Restart the ris service mission Complete
  20. You cant use Integrated security from winpe. Integrated security means that it should log on with the current user and domain from PE try with this instead PROVIDER=SQLOLEDB;DATA SOURCE=XXXXXX;DATABASE=osd;UID=xxxxxxx;PWD=xxxxxx /Mats
  21. I won't To get waik you have to be on the Vista TAP according to my Tam
  22. You can't use PE without a propper license. You can download pe from the opk web but if you don't have an oem/system builder agrement with ms you can't use it leagally. The way to get PE is by SA, system builder agreement or partner status.
  23. Tried the docs? There is a section about reducing the size in the pe2005 docs. I think you will get down to about 90 megs but you will have to re-add your nic driver
  24. If you make one small change it becomes a lot easier. Always boot PE and then in pe put up one or more hta forms witch asks the questions you needed. Since you can use vbscript in or from the hta:s you can generate your .bat files and modify the unattended from there. As a final point you just would execute your newly created bat file from the hta and mission complete

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