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  1. If it moves, script it Should work with hta/vbscript too
  2. Make the destroy cross finally work like one. In other words normal shutdown should be alt+f4 or menu and destroy should be just destroy. Just wipe the entire memoryspace of the app right away. Make it a ring 0 or hypervisor funktion so an app or driver can't interrupt this action. After all, it worked well on Solaris in the 90:s so it's time that we get it right too.
  3. mats

    PXE without DHCP

    it's bootrom.n12 you should copy to get rid of the extra F12
  4. mats

    PXE without DHCP

    6910P works with 1.6. We just bought a bunch of them and we are on 1.6 for now
  5. mats

    PXE without DHCP

    No problem to boot an ISO from ris at least, it's eaven in the docs for PE 1.6
  6. I would expect that they mean 100 Mbyte more than the uncompressed image. Therefore i belive you are running out of ram anyway
  7. bootsect may do the trick if it's just a new bootsector that's needed. bootsect is on a vista DVD. IT should be asy to add to a vista PE if requiered
  8. We have done something similar. The first feture we use is that winpe can read a pqi image directly after image load. no need for reboot The second feture is vbscript and the wmi provider. Our installer uses wmi to detect vendor and modell. It loads the image to the disk. Then it uses the information about the machine to copy \\server\drivershare\vendor\model\driver.cab to c:\install\drivers and finaly extract the cab. Downside is that we have to create the cabs. On the other hand we only have one path for each type of driver in sysprep regardelss of how many types we support. To make the image creation easier we use a four step method. 1. install os + service pack. Only changes when we aply a new SP 2. install apps and patches. Changes often, Scripted generation 3. Gui config. Changes rarly, manual config 4. Defrag and sysprep. No changes, Scripted. To change an app in the clone takes a few hours. Currently we are working on implementing release windows for our clones to make it easier for the apps people to plan their relases and changes
  9. the fast way? Hack the inf files in \inf so that they set 100FD
  10. Well you got a little challange ahead of you I would read up on Microsofts BDD solution. IT's a free download from MS and if you can do with Light touch you only need a server 2003 box and some clients to test the stuff. Johans skript is intended (if i remember correctly) to run from win pe during the deployment phaze of BDD
  11. take a look at XP embeded. It should be able to do this.
  12. Try renamne it to .cmd instead. PE doesn't support.bat since it will try to load command.com wich is 16 bit
  13. The difference is that with SP2 Unattended requires you to use ProductKey instead of ProductID. I have no idea why the changed the name of the key, just change it and use the same number and it works
  14. I think the easy way to do this would be to run nslookup on the current ip.
  15. Since you are using wds already I would assume that you have a DHCP server. It contains all hostnames and macaddresses for everything that that dhcp server has issued an IP to. The DHCP database happends to be an ordinary jet DB so it should be rather easy to extract the info from it
  16. 07B means that it can't find the boot drive so I would guess on missing drivers or to old bios
  17. Sorry Br4tt3 Only applies to 1.x booted frpm ris. It doesn't work on any type of /inram booted pe and 2.0 uses inram as default. On a 2.0 i suspect we would have to check the ip against a list of subnets
  18. Another way to find id:s for nics is to use regedit and look under hklm\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Class\{4D36E972-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002bE10318}00X and you vill find all info for each nic
  19. I have found two ways to fix this kind of problem. If you got a newer cisco switch there is a chance that it suports auto 10 100. This is something rather new they put into the 3750 and 2960 at least. It allows the switch to use auto negotiation but only on the speeds you allowed. I'm currently testing this on some of our offices wich still got type1 cabeling i n the walls. The clients are set to auto and the switch has the ports set for auto 10. The result is that server and client will autonegotiate 10/full. The second way to fix the proble is to modify the inf file for the card on the pe boot media
  20. One way is to look at hklm\system\currentcontrolset\control\systembootdevice or Remotebootmachinedirectory. That will give you the name of the RIS server. That in turn would tell you from wich network your machine booted and if nic2 always is net2 when we have a souloution. IF we can't be sure on this I would check the ip addresses of the box and see wich one that matches the network of the server
  21. You can always reinstall the system with sp1 and not install any further updates if you wich. For me as a corp. It-manager and programmer I must say it was a very good design change. Take an aggresive virus like sasser and place it on corp net. With SP2, outbreak rate vill be much lower and therefore there will probly be bandwith left to fight the outbreak on. With SP1 it will consume everything directly. When it commes to problems with p2p software: This is no backward compability issue. Twoway handshakes will never bee the right way of doing connections, it has never been either. It's pure bugs in that code that should have been fixed from the first day they wrote their apps.
  22. It's your ghost that's having problems. Im using pqideploy wich is also sectorbased (just like ghost) and it works. I load my image, use sysprep to find the new drive and give it a drive letter. Finally i do modify my sysprep.inf with hal information
  23. Some bios:es doesn't support boot in USB 2.0 mode. I have seen this on an umber of systems that the usb ports are operating in 1.1 mode until the os drivers forces them into 2.0 mode
  24. Vista is ACPI only, Since PE2.0 is built on Vista i would assume the same. Have you tried a flat cd boot of pe on your "problem" box? Some systems just won't boot ramdrive versions
  25. If this is pe 1.6 or lower the solution is easy. Delete the .cat. Pe won't care since it doesn't have any other driver for that PCI-id anyway. Have you tried to download the driver directly from broadcom? Ther generic drivers seems to solve the most problems if you make a copy of B57xp.sys named B57win32.sys. In worst case you will have to copy the PCI-ID:s from one inf to the other

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