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  1. Does it really matter? If anyone you dont trust can get access to the server they could boot from a pe cd or a knoppix cd or erd commander or a dos floppy with ntfs or ...... The basic point is that is anyone can get physical access to the server, they own it. In worst case the can always install an extra xp/server2003 on it to read the data
  2. Works here with 2003SP1 and pe2005. I dont know if you have declared your computername properly but i would do Set objwmiservice = GetObject("winmgmts:\\.\root\cimv2")
  3. mats

    WinPE 2.0

    PE 2.0 will be released with wista. Until then the current version is 2005 or 1.6. This version is availible to OEMs, system builders partners and sa customers.
  4. first question: Have you read the docs in the docs directory of yoyr pe disc/download? Second question. Have you used rvinst to add the drivers for your nics? Third question: wich version of ghost are you using. 9.x and above is trickier than the 8.X series
  5. The first thing is to tell us what your problem is. Do you get "the selected image does not contain ......" or is it just the nic that won't wotk in pe
  6. First step. Rebuild the image from fresh pe and server2003sp1 media and see what happends. Not all wmi classes are inplemented under winpe but most are, for example win32_batery doesn't seem to work but win32_processor does
  7. Try with fresh files from installation media. I have no problems with 2003Sp1 and pe2005. I have used both integrated and slipstreamed media
  8. Thats your problem. I hade the same issue with ntfs. When i switched to fat it worked
  9. Wich filesystem do you have on the usb disk. I have seen this when i forgott to reformat the disk to fat
  10. Or att least look att winpe and not bartpe
  11. in winpe2004 and 2005 built from xpsp1 or better you dont need to register the vb6 dlls. Just have them in the same directory as your app and it will work. The easy way to do this is ofcourse to drop everything in system32
  12. A dirty way is to call shutdown.exe or just run pskill and kill the whatever shell process you got
  13. Bart pe are not winpe and will never be. Bart Pe is a very good clone with a really nice builder system but they aren't 100% compatible and if you got access to the real stuf avoid barts version.
  14. And the info on how you do that is on this forum. Search for ramdrive and you will score hits
  15. Let me guess, you are now a retired stripper... I still have problems running some vb scripts cos I havent msvbvm50/60.dll registered. Might get round to changing that soon. Quick fix to that is to have the dll:s and the script in the same folder. Then it should work without registration. I still got the job but the included removelists are now known to be rather bad.
  16. Guess how i found out that stripping brakes it?
  17. Yes you can use vb script under pe. I have been doing it since pe 1.1 First question. did you install wsh support in your pe image? ie buildoptionalcomponents /wsh and follow the instructions on screen Second question: did you run oc.bat before starting your script. this starts the script support Third question: Did you strip down your pe image. This can break wshshell.
  18. Sorry I haven't seen your request for help. I have had it operational for 6 months and you could have gotten the instructions in swedish
  19. mats

    SMS 2003

    You can do it without BDD but you should follow the steps in the bdd concept. BDD requires SMS and some of us can't use that
  20. mats


    If it is a possibility I would delete all partitions and then create a new one To erase everything use "diskpart Clean" and then diskpart "create" to create a new partition
  21. there is a chm file in the docs directory....
  22. Adam. You can't use drvinst for drivers you need during boot. Drvinst vill add them as pnp devices and what requires a running system so that the pnp manager can install them. It's a perfectly working method for a secondary mass storage controller but not for the boot controller. For that you will have to edit txtsetup.sif
  23. mats

    Slim Down WINPE

    Yes the new switches wich are reqquierd to boot into ram is only present in 2003Sp1 kernels and later. Another thing to check is the size of the ramdrive. I had a simillar issue with PQI deploy there it wouldnt't load images larger than 2GB on 256MB systems. I reduced the ramdrive and that did it. Ofcource it works fine on 512 systems but this way we won't have to buy more memory to old machines wich will be sent of to the scarpheap during next year
  24. mats

    Slim Down WINPE

    Be aware that the removelist in PE cuts to much... It will break a lot so use it as a guidance and do the stripping slowly by hand instead. Ypu can cut 20 megs without problems but you can also create a realy nice mess
  25. Yes it does. There is an older ramdisk thread on this forum. I have posted a fixed regfile + instructions for how to use it in winpe in that thread

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