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  1. Long time since I posted here but now I have run into an interesting question. Is there an way to get an RDP server running under winpe (not a client connecting to some other server). The idea is to find a Open way to do the same thing as DART remote admin does for WinPE if you have SA. I have seen sharing applications like http://blogs.msdn.com/b/rds/archive/2007/03/23/writing-a-desktop-sharing-application.aspx but they seem to be missing something since they do display a big Pause sign instead of the picture. Edit: To get that far you must include rdpcore.dll and rdpencom.dll with your code and rdpencom must be registered. The FreeRDP project is supposed to have a server to but I haven't been able to figure out how to build it. I know there are X number of VNC based soloutions out there but I want something based on RDP.
  2. With PE1.6 they work with the special driver without problems. Unfortunally I don't have an blades to test on currently so I can't test PE 2.X. I would contact HP about this and see if they got a fix.
  3. The Official answer is NO. Asked MS about it a while ago Wireless support is not included in PE.
  4. mats

    First Comments

    I like win7 better than Vista but: -Strip the junk out of it. It still contains way to much stuff that's just a waste of systems. Someone said that you can use Vlite to get ride of it. True in som cases but be aware that using vlite means that MS will not support that box. For us that is a requierment. Every minute of extra installation time means about 30 000 minutes a year for us. With a IT person costing $100/hour thats about $50 000 for every minute of extra installtion time. Therefore everything that isn't truly needed (not that MS claims is needed) should be core installed om the Enterprise SKU and the rest should be customizable. MS had this feature for Vista but removed it for some reason (saw it in an waik alpha). Is there such a huge difference then? Yes there is. MINWIN will boot from disk and provide network connectivity in less than 40 MB on disk ...
  5. mats

    windows 7 reboots

    Ultraiso or nolia would be my first to guesses. The do install device drivers and The nokia software uses sub to connect to yuour phone right?
  6. You could use MDT and just load a binary image of your linux polattform I think there is a read/write driver for ext2 wich should make it possible to use imagex if you could figure out how to format the drive
  7. mats

    n7ite Anyone?

    Minwin is in its current state a cleanup between kernel and usermode code. In vista and earlier some kernel mode functions made calls to usermode functions wich in turn called other kernel mode functions. This has been cleaned up to Win7/2008R2 so that kernel mode calls remains in kernel mode. The bootable testplattform made from minwin was about 35 megs in size and capable of booting from HD and capable of network access the last time i heard anything about it. Marks blogg should have info on both . Or listen to his presentations, they are really good
  8. And just to put the final nail in the PAE Coffin. HW driver must be able to handle PAE systems to work correctly in that enviroment. Since most XP drivers released by third party vendors doesn't PAE on Client Operating Systemes tends to be a bluescreen generating event. For 64 bit systems this problem doesn't exist either
  9. There is another purpose of the 200 MB partion. Think bitlocker
  10. Applications wich uses large caches like databases for example. However since the mapping introduces a performace penalty it's better to got to true 64 bit soloutions if possible
  11. in the list of new good thing in Vista i miss bitlocker, Usb management, ipsec, no more gina, printerpermissions, delta replication of offline files, one offline cache per user, Smartcard based EFS and some more Corp features If MS would have pushed theese parts instead of gui changes, Vista would have been a hit. As they did it, CIO:s heard gui changes=High costs for education of the users=Not interested instead of hearing Faster and more reliable sync and scure data on laptops=Higher production=more money=Happy CEO
  12. In other words get hacked and have your system used for everything else than gaming. The right answer is to get the game developers to start writing decent code. Connecting through a firewall is no problem. Av doesn't use that much of the system that it should be a problem. Optimize the gaming code instead.
  13. We did the exact same thing as you described - the acpi_pc HAL would boot everything...while until we got the latest Lenovo T400's in. The processor in that model doesn't support the ACPI_PC HAL - apparently Intel decided to remove some instruction sets that were outdated in favor of newer ones (don't quote me on that). I've now decided to 'fork' the image since alot of the older computers are too old now and not being used as much. The dual core's really do pack a good punch compared to the P4's. Sometimes the world can be pretty funny. Guess what. I got a T400 on my hand's now . Did a quick patch for it. hal=objWSHShell.RegRead("HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\Root\ACPI_HAL\0000\HardwareID") If hal(0)="acpiapic_mp" Then set objfile=fso.getfile("C:\boot.ini") objfile.attributes=0 line= objini.Readstring("operating systems","multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINNT","C:\boot.ini") & " \kernel=ntkrnlmp.exe \hal=halmacpi.dll" objini.writestring "operating systems","multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINNT",line,"C:\boot.ini" objfile.attributes=39 end if The Objini object is just a simple ini read/write class in an activeX dll we write to stop bloat every script with it.
  14. Winpe 1.X is also available to customers with SA agrements
  15. Yes there is. Compile it 64 bit If it's 64 bit code it will be run native. If it's 32 bit it will be handled by WoW64 since it isn't 64 bit wich is that the OS requires so the "simple" way to target the right enviroment is to compile it for that enviroment

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